PhD in Social Sciences (Specializing in Education / Psychology)




PhD in Social Sciences is a program that will promote scholarship, research, and service at an academic level. The doctoral program will inspire to be the highest degree of excellence at Institute of Business Management for faculty and candidates alike to remain current in the research literature, and to conduct socially relevant and intellectually competent research in the specialized areas. The program will address research competencies
with its three core and four specialized courses in the two specialization areas of:

1. Education
2. Psychology
3. Educational Psychology




• MS/M.Phil in the relevant field of study with 3 CGPA or B-Grade
• Candidates must clear NTS (Subject specific)
• In disciplines where this test is not available, the test will be developed by the University


Program Details

Duration 3 to 5 years
Number of Courses 6 + Thesis
Courses 18 Credit Hours Coursework
Thesis 6 Credit Hours
Minimum CGPA Requirement for the award of degree 3.0









Course Structure

Semester One
PSS701 Methods and Issues in Advanced Qualitative Research
PSS703 Methods and Issues in Advanced Quantitative Research
Semester Two
PSS705 Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies (Education and Psychology)
PSS706 Independent Study









Elective Courses for Education

Semester Three
PSS702 Advanced Educational Philosophy
PSS704 Project Internship - Education / Elective Course

Elective Courses for Psychology

Semester Three
PSS709 Measurement & Assessment
PSS710 Psychology of Personality

PSS805 Research Thesis

Semester Four - Nine
The successful completion of 18 credit hours will advance the candidate to the dissertation phase of the program. The doctoral dissertation will demonstrate the scholarship and research capabilities of the candidate, specifi- cally, their ability to comprehend, interpret, analyze and synthesize information. The candidate must also show a general understanding and grasp of the domain in which he/she is working and should be well informed about the literature relating to the field. The candidate’s ability to apply research techniques to collect data, analyze the information and discuss and generalize results will be examined and evaluated.