"To inculcate the passion and talent for research from the local context"


"To develop IoBM into a full fledged research university which can play a leading role in the realization of the vision"


کس طرح ہوا کند ترا نشتر تحقیق

ہوتے نہیں کیوں تجھ سے ستاروں کے جگر چاک 


Dr. Muhammad Adnan Bashir (Coordinator MRSS)

Ms. Sarwat Nauman (Deputy Coordinator)

Note: The venue for all sessions is Room 308, CBM Academics Block, otherwise informed


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Three Years of MRSS

16th September, 2017

FALL 2017 INAUGURAL SESSION Dr. M. Abid Ali: “An analysis of Summer 2016 programs”. Ms. Amber Raza: “Summary of Fall 2017 programs”. Dr. Irfan Hyder: “The contribution of MRSS Saturday research programs for Mphil and PhD Scholars”.

23rd September, 2017

Discussions Dr. Ghazanfar Bozai : “The WHY of PhD and Awareness of EQ”.

07th October, 2017

Workshop Ms. Shumaila Omar: “How to avoid Plagiarism in research writings.”.

21st – 22nd October, 2017

Conference Full day conference: “International Conference on Experiential Learning 2017”.

4th November, 2017

External Speaker Dr. Zubair Shahid (IBA): “Research Theory”.

11th November, 2017

Workshop Dr. Shahzeb Malik: “How to Become an Effective Researcher?”.

25th November, 2017

Workshop Dr. Muhammad Abid Ali:”Aims and Objectives of education: Iqbal’s Inference from the Qur’an – (Discussions on Qualitative analysis)”. Dr. Adnan Bashir: “PhD Thesis”.

09th December, 2017

Workshop Dr. Shameem Ejaz: “Do you own your life? – Coping research related stresses”.