The Academic Council is responsible for:
  • Advising the Executive Council on academic matters
  • Regulating the conduct of teaching, research, publications and examinations
  • Regulating the admission of students to courses of studies and examinations at the Institute
  • Regulating the conduct and discipline of the students of the Institute
  • Regulating award of financial assistance, exhibitions, medals and prizes
  • Formulating courses of study, syllabi and outlines of all examinations conducted by the Institute
External Members of the Council:
  • Mr. Mazhar ul Haq Siddiqui
  • Ms. Rukhsana Asghar
  • Mr. Khalid M. Nagra

Board of Advanced Studies and Research:

IoBM has a Board of Studies which reports to the Academic Council. It supervises teaching research and academic discipline. It has three sub-committees on curriculum, resources and discipline. External members on the Board of Studies are:

External Members of the Board:
  • Prof Dr. Bhawani Shankar
  • Dr. Nadeem Hanif
  • Dr. Amjad Waheed

Board of Studies:

The following departments exist in the Institute:

College of Business Management (CBM)

Communication, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Health & Hospital Management, Accounting and Finance, Environment & Energy Management, Risk Management, Industrial Management, Advertising & Media Management and MPhil Business Management.

College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS)

Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science & MIS and Actuarial Science.

College of Economics and Social Development (CESD)

Economics, Commercial and Professional Studies, Media Studies, Education, Policy & Area Studies, Business Psychology, Social Sciences and Organizational Psychology.

College of Engineering and Sciences (CES)
Electronics & Telecommunication

HoDs report to the Dean and the academic work of each department is governed by a departmental board of studies consisting of both internal and external members.