MPhil in Education
Week-end Program

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College of Economics & Social Development

MPhil in Education is specially designed for educators at all levels in private and public sector institutions as well as administrators who have an interest in research. The program will provide a strong foundation in the field of educational research and integrate the core principles of research and development backed by innovative practices. This is a two-year degree program completed by advanced course work and research. Candidates can enroll for a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. Course work is offered in the first year while the second year of candidature is devoted to thesis writing. At the end of the first year, candidates are required to produce extended research proposals (approximately 3000-4000 words). Upon acceptance of a research proposal, candidates are guided in the conduct of research and are finally examined on the basis of defense of the thesis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply thoughtful practices to enhance student’s learning
  • Design and develop a curriculum based on theory and practice
  • Evaluate learning and development
  • Exhibit leadership skills to manage and evaluate staff
  • Critique and validate relevant research
  • Develop research projects

Career Path

  1. Curriculum Developer
  2. Corporate Trainer
  3. Principal
  4. Educational Consultant
  5. Educational Policy Developer
  6. Career Counselor
  7. Curriculum designers
  8. Entrepreneurs in education (private sector)
  9. Teaching at public as well as private higher education institutes
  10. Development Sectors (NGOs)
  11. Educational Consultants
  12. Pursue higher studies (PhD)


As per HEC policy 16 years of education in the relevant field of study with 2.5 CGPA or C-Grade.

Candidates should have B.Ed./M.Ed./Masters in Education/MBA in Education Management for admission in MPhil in Education.

Candidates must clear IoBM aptitude test or present NTS test result at the time of admission.

Program Requirements

MPhil requires completion of course work and dissertation/thesis. Minimum duration is 1.5 years and maximum is 4 years:

  • MPhil course work requirements consist of eight graduate level courses (24 credit hours)
  • On completion of dissertation/thesis the student is awarded 6 credit hours

An MPhil student must additionally complete the following requirements while at IoBM:

  • Identify Supervisor
  • MPhil Proposal/Synopsis Development
  • MPhil Proposal/Synopsis Defense
  • BASR Approval of MPhil Proposal/Synopsis
  • Continuous enrollment in supervised research
  • Completion of MPhil Thesis
  • Approval of External Evaluators/Examiner by BASR
  • Open defense of MPhil Thesis
  • Any other HEC requirement
  • Final MPhil Thesis Submission to BASR

Interested in this program? Visit the admissions page for more information.

Course Structure

Core Courses Elective Courses (Any Two Courses)

MPE604 Developing a Research Project

MPE610 Philosophical Foundations in Education

MPE615 Qualitative Research Methods in Education

MPE617 Statistical Testing and Inferences in Education

MPE620 Analysis of Educational Policies

MPE625 Authentic Assessment in Education

MPE706 Global Trends in Education

MPE711 Readings and Critical Analysis in Education

MPE714 Innovations and Technology in Education

MPE717 Teacher Education

MPE721 Edupreneurship in the Changing World

MPE725 Distance Learning in 21st Century

MPE727 Lifelong Learning in Changing Contexts

MPE730 Planning Developing and Evaluating Curriculum

MPE790 Research Thesis (6 credit hours)

NB: It is mandatory for students to attend defense sessions given by MPhil and PhD candidates.

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