The Executive Council is responsible for formulating and approving the principles, policies and plans governing the activities and operations of the Institute so as to facilitate teaching and other academic work. It can appoint faculty, researchers and officers on the recommendation of the Selection Board. It can also create new components of the Institute such as faculties/departments/college, and constitute standing committees, subcommittees, councils, and other administrative or academic advisory bodies, if necessary. It can undertake initiatives to ensure efficient and effective management and functioning of the Institute. It proposes plans of work for the approval of the Board of Governors.

Members of the Executive Council
  • Mr. Basheer Janmohammad, Chairman
  • Mr. Shahjehan S. Karim
  • A Judge of Sindh High Court
  • Chairman Higher Education Commission
  • Secretary, Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh
  • Mr. Muhammad Ali Tabba
  • Mr. Salahuddin Qureshi
  • Mr. Masood Hashmi
  • Mr. Talib Syed Karim
  • Deans of respective Colleges
  • Mr. M. W. Jahangir, Secretary