Shahjehan S. Karim

Twenty-one years ago we had set out on a mission to create an institution of higher learning – a business school, which was not only needed for the development of this country, but also for generations of young people standing at the threshold of life, keen on building their future. Our vision was clear, and our hopes high. Yet, there were those who doubted our chances of success. But we knew that much can be achieved in life with tenacity, confidence and resilience. We were not oblivious to the fact that success depended on bringing together a team of exceptional people, who also shared our vision. It was perhaps our good fortune, that a group of selfless individuals, several of whom are seated right here today, responded to our call. They had the same glimmer in their eyes, the same warmth in their hearts, and an equally strong desire to shape the destiny of this young nation.

To the parents, who have joined us today, to celebrate their children’s graduation, I would like to offer my salutations. Today marks another milestone in your lives as well. You have not only delivered on a parental obligation, to educate your child - you have improved their prospects, by providing them quality education. You will now see them go out into the world, with greater confidence and elan.

IoBM is also the only institution of higher learning in the country that has active Academic Collaboration Agreements or ACAs, with over 60 universities abroad. The agreements cover student exchange programs, joint research and consultancy projects, as well as Split or Joint Masters and PhD programs. Forty students form IoBM have gone under exchange programs this year, to partner universities in Italy, Georgia, North Cyprus, Morocco, Malaysia, Thailand, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Since our very inception, we have continuously endeavored to enhance our core institutional strengths, and have invested in people, systems and infrastructure, so as to be able to impart sound knowledge and professional skills as well as instill sterling values in our students.

Over the last two decades we have worked passionately to fulfill our mission and deliver on our promise to develop global leaders. Our unwavering commitment to invest in people, systems, and infrastructure contributes immensely towards enhancing our capabilities.

No one knows what the future holds for you in the face of continuous and enormous changes but one thing is certain: you will always have a choice of upholding character and confidence in fulfilling your professional responsibilities with competence, honesty and dedication.

Profit making has never been and shall never be the motive and driving force of IoBM. What drives IoBM is its exemplary commitment to lifelong learning for IoBM community in particular and the nation in general. It is with this spirit of commitment that we feel it is more important than ever to continue our efforts to help our students excel as leaders of tomorrow.

I have served Pakistan all my life and will make all efforts and sacrifice to see this Institute a reservoir of national strength and power. With God’s help and with the continued support of our Government, patriotic business community and our colleagues, I am confident that we will accomplish our mission. May Almighty Allah always be with us!