Najmuddin A. ShaikhThere could be no better feeling for me as Chancellor IoBM than to write this message for IoBM Catalog 2018-19. My dear students, let us mutually and humbly share the pertinent reality that Mashaa Allah IoBM is known home and abroad to impart quality education in business management and allied disciplines. This is basically due to the iconic insights and inspiration of its Founder President, Late Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim. During these twenty-three years or so, this Institute has evolved to become one of the best business schools in the country offering degrees in a number of programs pertaining to higher education and research. With the guidance of its management and efforts poured in by its faculty, IoBM now stands as a vivid model of academic and professional excellence. Today, IoBM is known in the corporate sector of Pakistan for its bright graduates and learned faculty who are always motivated by the able and humble guidance of its management.

IoBM has been placed highly by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan and has been rated as among the best business schools by the Chartered Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC), Government of Sindh. IoBM graduates are working in top managerial and executive positions in private and public sector organizations. While IoBM has gathered national and international credibility, the distinctive feature of this Institute is exploring and surpassing international educational prospects in Asia and from North America to Europe and beyond. IoBM’s interaction with universities in Europe through Erasmus Mundus, a consortium of European universities and with South Korea and China in the Far East, is worth-mentioning, especially regarding students exchange programs. The visit of IoBM’s Late Founder President, Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim, to Italy, France, Georgia and Germany for bilateral and multilateral academic cooperation is a prime example of IoBM’s expanding international vistas.

Imparting quality education through career-oriented curriculum and blending the same with such relevant objectives as involving students in co-curricular and extracurricular activities are IoBM hallmarks indeed. Moreover, students need to be engaged in experiential learning classroom initiatives, therefore, enabling them to follow the practical concept of learning by doing. The Capstone Projects, which students pursue at IoBM during their MBA program, is one such shining example where theoretical concepts and practical learning go hand in hand. Requiring to establish a functional enterprise, students, amid the guidance of their inspiring faculties, implement a particular aspect of the implementation process such as organizational design consultations, niche research, planning, establishing the organization, creating a presence through networking, launching and creating awareness and funding their project with persistence and resolve.

I wish to witness our students’ efforts, dreams, hopes and aspirations trickle down to the grassroots level among the masses. Indeed, the need of the hour for our youth is to realize that sustainable socio-economic development must be amplified and improved upon to benefit those residing in the underprivileged areas of this country. Therefore, the essence of corporate social responsibility must be meticulously blended with a focused education in fields such as arts, humanities, commerce, management, science and so on. I believe that IoBM’s career-focused programs will assist and facilitate students to take up all professional challenges that may come their way in this regard.

Financial assistance is available for deserving and needy students.

Amid the enlightening legacy of our Founder President, Late Mr. Shahjehan Syed Karim, IoBM continues to be a harmonious blend of managerial and professional excellence further combined with exemplary faculty expertise and guidance for students in letter and in spirit. As such, this institution continues to train and blossom crop after crop of talented young professionals for the corporate sector and towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

Muhammad Bashir Janmohammad