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The IoBM Experience

Institute of Business Management creates an environment for students to reach their full potential. With a purpose built campus with state of the art facilities and multiple student societies organising various events, students are groomed to be all rounders ready to take up any challenge given to them. 

Our Campus

SSK Center of Excellence

The Shahjehan Syed Karim Center of Excellence was inaugurated in 2017. The building has a food court, faculty offices, examination, executive training hall, training rooms, incubation centre, alumni office, electrical engineering labs, media lab, audio recording lab, editing labs, broadcast studio and 24 en-suite rooms for out station training participants. 

Getting to Campus


Two transport service providers offer pick and drop services to our students. Students may sign up for a service of their choice or get details by visiting their offices on campus. 



Ample parking is available for students adjacent to the campus and multiple parking spots are available inside the campus for faculty and management.

Five reasons why you
should choose IoBM

There are multiple reasons to be a part of 
the IoBM family.

  • Generous Financial Assistance
  • Strong Alumni Network
  • Exuberant Campus Life
  • Top Class Academics
  • Unmatched Campus Life
Reshaping the community

Transforming Korangi Creek

When IoBM opened its doors in the area of Korangi Creek, it was a relatively unknown area with very few inhabitants. Over the years as IoBM’s reputation grew, so did the community around us. Today, Korangi Creek has become a thriving area with multiple educational institutions, businesses, hospitals and an industrial park. The area has become a source of employment for thousands of people and is growing every day. 

Dining On Campus

There are 15 dining options around campus selling a variety of food, giving students the choice to eat what they want. Many of the food outlets are owned by our students or alumni. 


There are various indoor and outdoor sport facilities available that include futsal, basketball, squash, badminton, billiard and table tennis. There are two separate gyms for our female and male students. 

Arts & Culture

IoBM believes that nurturing arts and music is important for the development of our students. There are multiple platforms for students where they can showcase their talents. 

Information Technology

One of the strengths of the IoBM program is the incorporation of information technology as a key component of the curriculum. The IT Department provides administrative, networking and technical support to the faculty and students. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students is our top priority. The entire campus is monitored via CCTV and our dedicated security team works around the clock to ensure that the campus is safe from any types of threats that could occur. 

Health & Wellness

An on campus doctor is available to deal with immediate medical attention if it were to occur on campus. Personal counseling is also available for our students on appointment. For emergencies, Indus Hospital is the nearest hospital from IoBM.

Student Societies

There are more than 17 student societies currently operating on the campus with more than 35% students engaged with some sort of student activities. Each society has its own President and governing body facilitated by a faculty advisor. 

SSK Writing Center

The Shahjehan S. Karim Academic Writing Centre aspires to support all writers within IoBM, particularly those at undergraduate and graduate levels, and promote an environment in which students’ attainment differences are accepted and attended to. 


IoBM’s library provides both traditional and electronic resources. Currently it has over 52,000 resources including access to JSTOR. The library accommodates 350 students and also provides an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

I have served Pakistan all my life and will make all efforts and sacrifice to see the Institute a reservoir of national strength and power.

Shahjehan Syed KarimFounder-President, IoBM
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