Multidisciplinary Research Seminar Series

"To inculcate the passion and talent for research from the local context"


"To develop IoBM into a full fledged research university which can play a leading role in the realization of the vision"



  • To facilitate research scholars in the field of research.
  • To conduct training programs in different aspects of research.
  • To organize research seminars and conferences.
  • Develop a community of multidisciplinary researchers at IoBM actively involved in the generation of intellectual capital as required by AACSB and other accreditation agencies.
  • Develop a platform for discussion of research related issues and sharing of experiences.
  • Encourage the faculty and students to sample different types of research methodologies and approaches.
  • Encourage the faculty and students to pursue research as a career.
  • Serve as a platform for researchers in Karachi.


  • MRSS promotes research related activities that help in the development of research culture and environment.
  • To provide a platform for sharing research among the researchers, potential researchers and the public as well.
  • Provides motivation for further research, as well as excellent guidance for research students.
  • MRSS encourages researchers to publish their work.
  • To develop confidence in researchers for presenting their work in front of their peers.
  • This program will lead to larger research seminars at city, national as well as international levels
  • Overall we can see it as a high order activity to project IoBM, and its research related activities.


  • Attendance in at least 5 MRSS sessions per semester is mandatory for every research program student who is in the course work stage.
  • Multidisciplinary Research Seminar Session (MRSS) is typically held on Saturdays, where PhD students and PhD faculty are invited to discuss their research experience to enable all MPhil and PhD students to participate.
  • MRSS is conjoined with the requirements of some PhD seminar courses
  • MPhil and PhD Synopsis are defended at specially announced MRSS sessions.
  • Follow the link of the MRSS events:


Dr. Muhammad Adnan Bashir (Coordinator MRSS)

Ms. Sarwat Nauman (Deputy Coordinator)

Note: The venue for all sessions is Room 308, CBM Academics Block, otherwise informed

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