"To inculcate the passion and talent for research from the local context"


"To develop IoBM into a full fledged research university which can play a leading role in the realization of the vision"


کس طرح ہوا کند ترا نشتر تحقیق

ہوتے نہیں کیوں تجھ سے ستاروں کے جگر چاک 


Dr. Muhammad Adnan Bashir (Coordinator MRSS)

Dr. M. Abid Ali (Coordinator MRSS)

Ms. Sarwat Nauman (Deputy Coordinator)

Note: The venue for all sessions is Room 308, CBM Academics Block, otherwise informed


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27th May, 2017

Inaugural Session Dr. M. Abid Ali: “An analysis of Spring 2016 programs” Ms. Amber Raza: “Summary of Summer 2017 programs” Ms. Sarwat Nauman: “Some observed technical errors in structuring research articles: Tips from a journal Editor”

1st July, 2017

Workshop Dr. Syed Shameem Ejaz: “New Horizons for Statistical Analyses in Social Sciences”

08th July, 2017

PhD Open Defense at EMEC Ms Amber Raza: “Branded Entertainment: The Impact of Religiosity on Attitude Towards Product Placement”

15th July, 2017

Workshop Dr. Ayesha Shoukat: “The Research Philosophy”

22nd July, 2017

Research Symposium Coordinator: Dr. Ather Ekhlaq, Deputy Coordinator: M. Asghar Khan: “PhD Research Progress Symposium for 7 researchers. Reviewed by panel of experts”

05th August, 2017

Workshop Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani (Adviser to President and Head of OGS & Research): “Requirements for PhD and Mphil research.”

12th August, 2017

Research Presentation Dr. Leenah Askari + Fahad Kamran (Quantitative): “Effective mentoring enhances employee personal resilience: a comparative study on telecom companies” Dr Mehvish Saleem (Qualitative): “Exploring ESL teacher psychology from a holistic perspective.”

19th August, 2017

Case Study Dr Kamran Mumtaz (IBA): “Strategy for Increase in Adoption of Innovation in Teaching”