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20th April 2019

Research Experts Sitting

6th April 2019

Research Presentation Syed Muhammad Fahim “Methodological Issues in Quantitative Research”.

16th March 2019

Training session Khurram Adeel Shaikh “Zotero/Endnote for researchers”.

9th March 2019

Training session Dr. Aliya Skindar “Critical Research”.

9th February 2019

Training session Nimra Sharif “Mediation and Moderation Analyses”.

2nd February 2019

Training session Dr. Nawaz Ahmed “How to best use SPSS”.

26th January 2019

Workshop Syed. Muhammad Faheem “Smart PLS”. Part II.

19th January 2019

Workshop Syed. Muhammad Faheem “Smart PLS”. Part I.

18th August 2018

Research Presentations Sartaj Qasim “Analyzing Pakistani Airlines’ Service Improvement Strategy through Importance and Performance Analysis”.

4th August 2018

“PhD Research Symposium” Coordinator: Dr. Ather Akhlaq

14th July 2018

WORKSHOP Dr. Ayesha Shaukat “Developing Theory in your research”.

30th June 2018

SUMMER 2018 INAUGURAL SESSION 1) Dr. M. Abid Ali “Analysis of Spring 2018 programs”. 2) Dr. Muhammad Adnan Bashir “Summary of Summer 2018 programs”. 3) Dr. M. Mansoor Alam “Difference between similarity index and plagiarism: The role of Turnitin in … Read More

09th December, 2017

Workshop Dr. Shameem Ejaz: “Do you own your life? – Coping research related stresses”.

25th November, 2017

Workshop Dr. Muhammad Abid Ali:”Aims and Objectives of education: Iqbal’s Inference from the Qur’an – (Discussions on Qualitative analysis)”. Dr. Adnan Bashir: “PhD Thesis”.

11th November, 2017

Workshop Dr. Shahzeb Malik: “How to Become an Effective Researcher?”.

4th November, 2017

External Speaker Dr. Zubair Shahid (IBA): “Research Theory”.

21st – 22nd October, 2017

Conference Full day conference: “International Conference on Experiential Learning 2017”.

07th October, 2017

Workshop Ms. Shumaila Omar: “How to avoid Plagiarism in research writings.”.

23rd September, 2017

Discussions Dr. Ghazanfar Bozai : “The WHY of PhD and Awareness of EQ”.

16th September, 2017

FALL 2017 INAUGURAL SESSION Dr. M. Abid Ali: “An analysis of Summer 2016 programs”. Ms. Amber Raza: “Summary of Fall 2017 programs”. Dr. Irfan Hyder: “The contribution of MRSS Saturday research programs for Mphil and PhD Scholars”.

31st March 2018

Training Session Dr. Ather Akhlaq “Importance and requirements of critical research”.

10th March 2018

Research Presentations 1) Ms. Naheed Anwar “Effect of Argumentation Based Teaching on Students’ Argumentation Skills, Informal Reasoning and Content Knowledge”. 2) Abdur Rehman Aleemi “Disciplining Islamic Banks: Evidence from Depositors’ Market Discipline”.

24th February 2018

Project Presentation 1) Ms. Shumaila Omer “Peer Mentoring: Exploring the Impact on the Learning Culture of a Business Institute in Pakistan”. 2) Ms. Mahwish Ali Babar “Role of school starting age in the academic performance at the tertiary level”.

10th February 2018

Research Presentations 1) Junaid Ansari “Consumer Attitude towards Ramadan Advertising”. 2) Dr Shahzeb (PhD Thesis) “On the Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Banking Industry: A Qualitative Cross-Case Analysis between the Banks in Pakistan and the UK”.

27th January 2018

PhD Research Experience Dr. Amber Raza “How to face reviewers: A PhD Experience”

20th January 2018

SPRING 2018 INAUGURAL SESSION 1) Dr. M. Abid Ali “MRSS Activities Last Semester and next” 2) Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani “Some guidelines on Mphil and PhD research” 3) Dr. Shahida Wizarat “Discussion Paper Series” 4) Dr. Irfan Hyder “How to … Read More

19th August, 2017

Case StudyDr Kamran Mumtaz (IBA): “Strategy for Increase in Adoption of Innovation in Teaching”

12th August, 2017

Research PresentationDr. Leenah Askari + Fahad Kamran (Quantitative): “Effective mentoring enhances employee personal resilience: a comparative study on telecom companies”Dr Mehvish Saleem (Qualitative): “Exploring ESL teacher psychology from a holistic perspective.”

05th August, 2017

WorkshopDr. Amanat Ali Jalbani (Adviser to President and Head of OGS & Research): “Requirements for PhD and Mphil research.”

22nd July, 2017

Research SymposiumCoordinator: Dr. Ather Ekhlaq, Deputy Coordinator: M. Asghar Khan: “PhD Research Progress Symposium for 7 researchers. Reviewed by panel of experts”

15th July, 2017

Workshop Dr. Ayesha Shoukat: “The Research Philosophy”

08th July, 2017

PhD Open Defense at EMECMs Amber Raza: “Branded Entertainment: The Impact of Religiosity on Attitude Towards Product Placement”

1st July, 2017

Workshop Dr. Syed Shameem Ejaz: “New Horizons for Statistical Analyses in Social Sciences”

27th May, 2017

Inaugural SessionDr. M. Abid Ali: “An analysis of Spring 2016 programs”Ms. Amber Raza: “Summary of Summer 2017 programs”Ms. Sarwat Nauman: “Some observed technical errors in structuring research articles: Tips from a journal Editor”

22nd Apr, 2017

Research Project PresentationDr. Shahid Amjad, Mr. Ajaz Rasheed, Mr. Aqeel Baig, Mr. Irfan Lal, Mr. Zia ullah: “Valuation of Mangroves in PQA – a project supported by IoBM/IUCN”The research team comprised of Dr. Shahid Amjad, HoD, Environment and Energy Management … Read More

15th Apr, 2017

WorkshopSyed Muhammad Fahim: “Research Philosophy”

08th Apr, 2017

External Research PresenterProf Dr Manzoor Isran (SZABIST): “State Developmentalism Vs Market Fundamentalism: The Choices for Pakistan”

01st Apr, 2017

Research Presentation

Dr. M. Abid Ali (Education): “Aims and Objectives of Education: Iqbal’s inferences from Quranic perspective”.
Read More

18th Mar, 2017

WorkshopMs. Shumaila Omar: “Paraphrasing: An Essential Tool for a Literature Review”.Ms. Shumaila Omar presented to research scholars and faculty members. The participants were given group exercises to help understand how literature is paraphrased. 

11th Mar, 2017

Research PresentationDr. Zehra Habib ( External Speaker): “Women’s Perspectives of Peace: Unheard Voices from Pakistan” Dr Zehra Habib (External Speaker ,PhD in Education (Major concentration: International Education), George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.  United States). Her research was qualitative in nature, which consisted of in-depth … Read More

04th Mar, 2017

Research PresentationDr. Leenah Askari & Fahad Kamran: “Effective mentoring enhances employee personal resilience: a comparative study on telecom companies”Mr. Javed Ahmed: “Value Innovation and how it feeds into the teaching curriculum”Mr Javaid Ahmed a senior faculty presented the meaning of … Read More

25th Feb, 2017

Research Presentation / PhD Synopsis DefenseMs. Shumaila Omar (Communication): “An action research study on refining verbal instructions for classroom teaching in a Business school of Pakistan”Dr. Ghazala Aleem (Policy Studies): “Tib e Nabvi  (URDU) PhD Thesis”Muhammad Sufyan Ramish (Mktg): ” … Read More

11th Feb, 2017

MPhil Synopsis DefenseMs. Shirin Nurudin: “Engagement of school leadership in teachers’ continuous professional development: a case study”Mr. Samiullah Khan: “Development of Scale for Evaluation of School Support for English Language Learning”The following students presented their Mphil synopsis which ease valued … Read More

04th Feb, 2017

External Research PresenterDr. Abdur Rehman Siddiqui (Chairman International Muslim Center Japan): “PhD at 76, An inspiration for those who think it is too late!. “As part of the external research presenter MRSS in Spring 2017 invited Dr Abdur Rehman Siddiqui … Read More

28th Jan, 2017

WorkshopDr. Ayesha Shoukat (Economics): “How to conduct an effective Literature review”.Dr Ayesha conducted an interactive session on the efficacy of literature review. The session was attended by research scholars and faculty from all disciplines. Outcomes of this interactive workshop were the … Read More

21st Jan, 2017

Introductory Session1) Ms. Amber Raza: “Importance of Research Activities”2) Dr. M. Abid Ali : “Summary of Spring 2017 program Roster”3) Dr. Shahida Wizarat – Dean CESD, Dr. Irfan Hyder – Dean CBM & CES, Dr. Ejaz Ahmed – Dean CCSIS :”Short talks by … Read More

10th Dec, 2016

Research PresentationMr. Irfan (Communication): “Will be announced shortly”.Dr. Ayesha (Eco): “Business Groups, Political Connections, and Regime Change in Pakistan”.

03rd Dec, 2016

Training SessionDr. Tariq Jalees: “Will be announced shortly”.AMOS/SPSS  Workshop (12PM to 2 PM).

26th Nov, 2016

Research PresentationDr. Ghazala Aleem (Policy Studies): “Tib Nabwi in the light of Qur’an and sunnah. (URDU)”.Dr. Muhammad Imran Majid (Eng/IT): “Multi-disciplinary engineering research within academic startups”.

12th Nov, 2016

Research PresentationDr. Shahida Wizarat (Research Director): “Will be announced”.EXTERNAL PRESENTER: “Will be announced”.

05th Nov, 2016

Training SessionDr. Erum Hafeez (Media): “Implications in selecting Research”.Ms. Amber Raza (Marketing): “Some Guidelines”.

31st Oct, 2016

MPhil Thesis DefenseZeenar Saleem: “In-Service College Teachers’ Perceived Tpack Capacity and its Relationship with Students’ Achievement”.Shairose Irfan Jessani: “Relationship between College Entrance Test Scores and Grade Eleventh Science Student’s Performance in Annual Board Examinations”.

29th Oct, 2016

Research PresentationMs. Saba Gulzar (Management): “Measuring the Impact of performance appraisal on employee retention”.Ms. Tehzeeb (Psy): “Human Dynamics of Street Administration: A case of Traffic Wardens in Karachi”.

22th Oct, 2016

MPhil Thesis DefenseNancy Joseph Lobo: “Influence of Principals‘ Leadership Styles on Communication Practices in Secondary Schools”.Seema Khalid: “Perceptions of Secondary School Teachers Regarding the Impact of Shadow Education on the Students”.Lubna Ali: “Inflated Grades and Students English Writing Abilities: A … Read More

08th Oct, 2016

MBA Thesis DefenseMona Minhaz Ali Jindani: “Impact of Parental Self Esteem on Children’s Communication Skills in Early Years”.Anum Ebad Ali: “Impact of Bullying on a Child’s Psychological Behavior and Academic Performance”.Humara Bano Shah: “Using Assessment, Evaluation and Testing Instructional Tools … Read More

01st Oct, 2016

Training SessionDr. Ather Akhlaq: “Qualitative Research and its presentation”.

24th Sept, 2016

Research PresentationMr. Saeedur Rahman (Marketing): “Failed product and Trade response: A case study of Gillette Blue II fixed head razor”.Dr. Zeeshan Shahid (Eng): “Multi-Level Inverter for Grid-Tied Systems”.

17th Sep, 2016

Introductory SessionDr. Shahida Wizarat: “Importance of Research Activities”Ms. Amber Raza: “An analysis of Summer 2016 programs”Dr. M. Abid Ali: “Summary of Fall 2016 program Roster”

13th Aug, 2016

PhD / MPhil Synopsis DefenseSix MPhil Scholars: “Proposal Presentation”.

23rd Jul, 2016

Technical Session-ZoteroKhurram Adil Shaikh: “Zotero- Referenicng Software”.

16th Jul, 2016

Proposal DefenseMs Fareeda Ibad & Ms Aliya Sikandar: “Proposal Presentation”.

14th Jun, 2016

MPhil Synopsis DefenseSamer Iqbal (Education): “Promoting Digital Litracy Through Blended Learning in Higher education Context: An Action research Study”.Ahmed Saad (Education): “Analysis of parental perception of Quality Education & Performance of Students: An Evidence from Private Primary Schools”.

07th Jun, 2016

MPhil Synopsis DefenseM. Hussain Bhojani (Education): “Egoistic Hedonism: A Hidden Lesson of Contemporary Schooling”.Sajidullah Sheikh (Education): “An Analysis of Conceptions of Pakistani Educators in Private Islamic Schools in Light of Al-Ghazali’s Educational Philosophy”.Erum Qureshi (Education): “New Educational Alternatives: An Exploratory … Read More

04th Jun, 2016

Introductory SessionDr. Irfan Hyder: “INTRODUCTION TO MRSS”.Dr. ShamimGuest Speaker: Mr. Farhan ul Haq Usmani

30th Apr, 2016

PhD Synopsis defenseRana Naeem Akhtar: “Exploring Strategies and Impact of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory in Teaching Business Communication”.Sarwat Nauman: “Learning Beyond Classrooms: A Model of Guided Internships”.

9th-10th Apr, 2016

Two Day Conference on Experiential LearningEL in Business ManagementEL in Chlid Development and Schooling &EL in Higher Education, Engineering and Technological SciencesClick here for more detail

26th Mar, 2016

MBA Final Research Project defense (MBA in Education management Students)Rabia Saleem (MBA-EDM): “In-Service Training of School Teachers: A Contributing Factor Influencing Students’ Learning Outcomes and Achievements”.Henna Fatima (MBA-EDM): “Scale Construction for Students’ Attitudes towards Mathematics at Secondary Level in Private … Read More

19th Mar, 2016

Research PresentationMs Mahreen Channa from IBP: “Finance related Industry research requirements for M’Phil and PhD scholars”.Ms Erum Kamran, is a member of HRCP and ISPCAN: “She will discuss on the research requirements relevant to ECE”.

05th Mar, 2016

Talk by international guest speakerDr. Rizwan Iqbal, UPM MalaysiaGetting research article published in Impact Factor journal.Proposal and info for joint research in ‘Renewal Energy Policy’.

13th Feb, 2016

MPhil Research Proposal/Synopsis DefenseNaureen Azad(Psy): “Fears of Young Children in The Scenario of Terrorism: Parental Model as Contributor”.Maryam Zafar (BM): “Compensation Management and Employees Performance in private sector; a comparative study of selected organization in Karachi”.Arsalan Hussain (BM): “Effect of … Read More

06th Feb, 2016

MPhil & PhD Research Proposal/Synopsis DefenseAmber Reza (PhD Marketing): “Branded Entertainment: Considering the Impact of Religiosity on Attitudes towards Product Placement”.Zeenar Saleem (Mphil Education): “Capacity Development Course for In-Service Math Teachers’ Self-Perceived and Observed Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge”.Adeeba Ahmad (Mphil Education): “Grade … Read More

30th Jan, 2016

Research PresentationMs. Sarwat Nauman (Education Dpt): “Education and Cultivation of Self: A Way Forward for Muslims of the Subcontinent”.Dr. Aamir Firoz (Management Dpt): “My journey through PhD. A case presentation”.