Talib S. Karim

I welcome everyone who is passionate in pursuing their higher education and look forward to completing a nationally accreditated and globally accepted recognized degrees at the Institute of Business Management. We promise a quality oriented and rewarding professional and personal growth opportunities in your journey with our Institute. Over the last decades we have worked dedicatedly to fulfill our mission and deliver on our promise to develop global leaders. Our unwavering commitment to invest in people, systems, and infrastructure contributes immensely towards enhancing our capabilities. The institution over the years has received quite a few international and national ranking and accreditation and has been ranked and qualified for a several local, national and international agencies like EdUniversal, NBAEC, CIEC, APQN, NACTE, PEC and relevant bodies. Our linkages with leading educational institutions worldwide continue to strengthen. More than 40 students went on exchange programs for a full semester each last year to partner universities in Italy, Georgia, North Cyprus, Morocco, Malaysia, Thailand, China, South Korea and Japan. Tuition and accommodation costs were fully covered in most of the cases. With over 7,500 graduates already working for MNCs or national companies, or spearheading their own enterprises, there is hardly any doubt that IoBM has come a long way. Feedback that we periodically solicit from institutions and our alumni, gives us comfort that the hard work of our dedicated academic and management personnel benefits thousands of talented individuals who have walked through the corridors of this institution. At IoBM, we provide merit and need-based scholarships to students to cover up to 100% of tuition fee. We offer an environment that enables constructive learning avenues for the students to develop themselves as lifelong learners with a sense of citizenship and empathy to serve to the global community. We offer faculty from range of background having a strong academic and secular qualification as well as industry engagement. Our faculty and staff are given a collegial environment of working and personal and professional growth. We promote a culture of research and investigation across board. There are many platforms where research and advocacy is supported by the institution in shape of faculty research grants, student research societies, and institutionally sponsored research symposiums and conferences. We currently have four research journals and three of them have received HEC recognition. We value all aspects of ensuring that our student community, faculty and staff and community get the best from our services. That is why we remain committed to reshaping the destiny of our potential youth and executive student body and the country at large.

Talib S. KARIM

President, Institute of Business Management

From the Chancellor

Najmuddin A. ShaikhAs the new Chancellor of the Institute of Business Management it gives me great pleasure to welcome the perusal of this catalogue by our prospective students seeking to identify the courses they wish to pursue in an institute that recently celebrated its twentieth year of service to the cause of higher education in Karachi. From a modest beginning in small rented premises IoBM has grown to occupy this 11- acre campus and a city centre campus. It has done so on the strength of its ability to provide high quality education in many distinct fields. It has done so because the calibre of its graduates has made them preferred candidates for internships and employment in major corporations in Pakistan and abroad. It has done so because it has sought to tailor the expansion of its educational programmes to the growing needs for business and finance managers, for civil engineers, for computer experts, for media managers. Perhaps it has been this facet of the IoBM that has prompted your decision to pursue your higher education here. Increasingly the world is moving towards more knowledge-based activity, a world in which progress will come through innovation and creativity. Helping you to move in this direction will be one of the principal tasks of the faculty. The ambition of IoBM management and experienced faculty however goes beyond providing you with the expertise that will make you easily employable or capable of starting your own enterprise. Education at IoBM must mean more. It must even, while preparing you for the career you wish to pursue, inculcate in you a sense of social responsibility, of recognising that you owe a duty to the betterment of the lot of the less fortunate in your city, your province and your country. This is a task that needs not only faculty guidance, but active student participation. Numerous student forums exist on the campus. I urge you to be part of these forums. They will help develop your social skills and equally importantly inform you of the many ways in which, as privileged citizens, you can help enforce standards of ethical behaviour, help promote social cohesiveness and above all, help improve the availability of better educational and health facilities for all our fellow Pakistanis. IoBM will offer you state –of- the- art facilities to enhance your intellectual capacity, to give you the required expertise in your special field and to develop your sense of social responsibility. But the primary responsibility will be yours. I am confident that you will live up to our expectations and with Allah’s blessings leave this Institute not only as experts in your field of endeavour but as well rounded citizens with a strong sense of civic responsibility.

Najmuddin A. Shaikh

Chancellor, Institute of Business Management