Strategic HR Business Partner @ IoBM

Over 24 participants from the various national and multinational institutions took the time from their busy schedules to attend a path-defining new training last Saturday, April 13th, organized by EMEC at IoBM. “Strategic HR Business Partner: Evolve, Adapt & Lead” was conducted by renowned HR Influencer Asma Shaikh, highlighting the importance of strategy in HR and helping the business grow through it.

The session was highly interactive and inspired the participants to find a strategic footing in the field they were passionate about and make their chosen careers more than just a job. Ms. Asma Shaikh indulged the participants in activities which imbued them with strategic thinking and vision. She also highlighted the importance of business strategy and how to align that strategy with HR strategy.

The training and the use of modern online presentation tools struck a chord with the participants and their energy levels soured throughout the day. With the motivation from a successful HR influencer and a chance to interact with other key HR managers from versatile fields, it was truly a gre

at training day at IoBM.