Student Activities

Exciting and eventful as always, the last year at IoBM has been no exception. Following examples give you a glimpse of life at IoBM:

Student life at IoBM does not merely consist of presentations, reports, midterm and final exams. In fact, there is a whole range of entertainment and events organized by students that take place throughout the year. Students on campus are genuinely interested in cultural vibrancy and a sense of community. During the busy academic schedule there are seminars, talk shows with guest speakers, fund raiser bake sales, the Event Management class food and fun stalls, CBMUN, Green Day, Drama festival and so much more. One can never have enough of it. There are a number of societies
that cater to the individual student’s choice.

To cater to the individual student’s choice, there are a number of societies for like-minded people such as:

These include Literary and Public Speaking; Finance; Mathematics; The Club for Entrepreneurs; Club IT; CBM Society for Health Managers; Egalitarians- Economics; Youth Enhancement; Enlighterz; Industrial Engineering & Management; Dialogue; Marketing; Strategic & Human Resource; Entertainment Plus; Vanguard and the Sports Society; Mentors; SWAT and the Music & Arts Society (MARTS). Each society is headed by a faculty advisor who is a senior member of the faculty or management and a team of student office-bearers. The job of these societies is to enable students to engage in debate on a variety of issues – social, economic or political – and to arrange seminars and workshops attended by well-known speakers from the business. government and corporate worlds. This provides them with opportunities to exchange ideas and views with market leaders.

Our students participate in different events organized by other universities / institutes locally as well as nationally and have won laurels for their university. Social care is a regular feature of these societies. Every year, during Ramzan, donations in cash and kind are collected and, along with the Management’s sizable contribution, distributed to the needy in various hospitals of the city. Among other regular features are blood donation camps that are put up from time to time.

Students’ Achievements:

  • Runner-up at Jama Punji, Inter-University Stock Trading Competition, February 2018
  • Won ‘Quest for the Best’ Case Study Competition organized by Nestle, February, 2018
  • Won “SiMERGE 2018: Case Study and Simulations-Based Competition” at the Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL), March, 2018
  • IoBM team won the Pakistan Tobacco Battle of Minds competition, March 2018
  • IoBM students participated at Model United Nation, Turkey and won the Outstanding Diplomacy Award, March, 2018
  • IoBM student and TCF alumni, has been selected as a principal candidate for Study of the US Institutes (SUSIs) for Student Leaders, March, 2018
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