Exciting and eventful as always, the last year at IoBM has been no exception. Following examples give you a glimpse of life at IoBM:

Student life at IoBM is not just about presentations, reports, midterms and finals. In fact, there is a whole range of student-organized entertainment and events that take place throughout the year. Students on campus are genuinely interested in cultural vibrancy and a sense of community. In between the busy academic schedule there are seminars, talk shows, guest speakers, fund raiser bake sales, the Event Management class food and fun stalls, CBMUN, Green Day, Drama festival and so much more. One can never get enough of it.

To cater to the individual student’s choice, there are a number of societies for like-minded people such as:

Literary and Public Speaking; Finance; Mathematics; Entrepreneurs; Club IT; CBM Society for Health Managers; Egalitarians- Economics; Youth Enhancement; Enlighten; Industrial Engineering & Management; Dialogue; Marketing; Strategic & Human Resource; Entertainment Plus; Vanguard and the Sports Society; Mentor; SWAT and Music & Arts Society (MARTS). Each society is headed by a faculty advisor who is a senior member of the faculty or management and a team of student office bearers. These societies are diverse in their activities, organizing university-wide forums for students to talk about and debate social, economic, and political issues; organize seminars & workshops where they invite well known personalities from the business, government and corporate world. This provides them with an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with market leaders.

Our students participate in various events organized by other universities / institutes locally, as well as, nationally and have won laurels for their Institute. Social care is a regular feature of these societies. Every year in the month of Ramadan donations in cash and kind are collected and, along with the Management’s major contribution, distributed to the needy in various hospitals of the city. Among other regular features is blood donation camps put up from time to time.

Students’ Achievements:

  • IoBM team was Runner-up in HEC Inter-varsity Table Tennis Zone “G” Championship 2015-2016
  • IoBM team was Runner-up in Lays Inter-Regional Futsal Glory Cup Tournament 2016 in Lahore
  • IoBM team Telecare secured 2nd Runner-up position in the Amanclinics Accelerator, 2016
  • IoBM team won 2nd position in HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity (Men) Table Tennis Championship 2016
  • IoBM team won 2nd position at FAST Robotics competition, 2015
  • IoBM team won Battle of the Bands at LUMS Music Festival, 2015
  • IoBM team won 2nd prize at LUMS Leadership Marathon, 2015
  • IoBM team won the 1st prize at Pakistan Tobacco’s “Battle of Minds”, 2015
  • IoBM team won the Unilever Talent Hunt 2014

Experiential Learning Highlights  

Team Members/Name of Participants: IoBM Students Societies


Recent IoBM Student Activities

The Digicon Informatics Society of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) organized “Experia 3.0” at the Student Activity Center, IoBM from November 5 to 8, 2017. Read More


“Every year the National University of Singapore hosts a Summer Enterprise Program and invites students to participate from all over the world. For Pakistan, the program is sponsored by Sajjad Foundation (a philanthropist organization)… Read More

NUS Summer Enterprise Program 2017

Guest Speaker Session On “University: Catalyst for Change”, January, 2017 Student Project Exhibition, December 2016 IoBM Sindh Outreach Program, November 2016 Seminar on “Industrial Automation And Control”, November 2016 Seminar on “My Last… Read More

Society of Eğlence and Technologies (SETs)

Screening of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Oscar-winning documentary “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness”, March 21, 2016 Film Festival: A short-film festival was organized by the Media Society over three days –… Read More

Media Society

To celebrate its 20-year IoBM organized a musical evening with Abida Perveen on March 5, 2016 at the IoBM convocation area. She mesmerized thousands of attendees with her soulful voice. Amjad Sabri was also… Read More

IoBM 20 Years Celebration

World Water Day event at Aghaaz School, March, 2017 4th Deans & Directors Conference: Business Education and its Context, Islamabad, February, 2017 World Conference on Educational Sciences 2017, France, February, 2017 Health… Read More

CBM Society of Health Managers (CSHM)

IQRA wins HEC Table Tennis Championship at IoBM- January 21, 2016 HEC Inter-university Table Tennis Championship Zone G for Boys was held at the IoBM, Karachi  in which 13 universities participated, according to IoBM Public… Read More

HEC Table Tennis Championship Zone G

Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW): Milad 2017, February 2017  Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW): In a world of losing hope and shaking faith, EPS brought Milad to reconstruct… Read More

Entertainment Plus Society (EPS)

Experia’15 is a national multi-purpose event comprising the areas of gaming, creativity, writing, public speaking, computer science and engineering with an innovative spin to help develop your skills in order to give you a… Read More

Experia’15 by Digicon

MS MANIA When life gives you Lemons 2.0 Read More

Marketing Society

OPEN eCON’17, January 2017 Chatkhara Feastival, November 2016 Entrepreneurial Showcase (Spring 2015) Read More

IoBM Club for Entrepreneurs (ICE)

• ABC of Stock Marketing, January, 2017 • The all Society Open House, October, 2016 Read More

Finance Society

Winner of Champions Trophy beating 180 Teams Read More

Battle of Minds  

Runner up among the top four universities in the final round in Pakistan and among 300 teams from all over Pakistan in entire competition. Read More

CIMA Global Business Challenge

The lost Identity by Brother Adnan Rashid, January, 2017. How to attain Allah’s love by Ustadh Asif Uddin, December 2016. Finding Allah in Modern Times by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed, December, 2016 Discovering Spiritual Peace… Read More

Dialogue Society

IoBM Club of Entrepreneurship organized an entrepreneurial show case to display the products of student entrepreneurs of IoBM. Read More

Entrepreneurial Showcase & Fashion Show Fall 2015

• Zenith Leadership and Development Conference 2016 • Cornetto PopRock Brand Activation Read More

Strategic Human Resource Society (SHRS)

Car Show, April, 2015 “Rajuvenate”, December, 2014 Open House’14, October, 2014 Awaami Junction 3 (Theater Play), September, 2014 Read More

The Psychology Club 

Won the P@SHA Award for Best Social Innovation Product/Idea, Rs.50,000 cash price beating more than 120 teams from all over Karachi. Read More

P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) Launchpad

Habib Inter University Futsal Tournament March, 2017 HEC Inter-varsity Basketball Zone ‘G’ Tournament , March, 2017 Inter Society Sports Festival, September, 2016 14TH AKU Inter University Football Tournament, October, 2016 Read More

Sports Society

Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Drive, 2016 Food Distribution Drives, 2016 Project Pukaar, 2016 Match Screening, Now or Never Pak VS India, February, 2015 Thar Project’15, February, 2015 Distribution of Sweaters/Walk for Peshawar Victims,… Read More

Social Welfare And Trust (SWAT)

Festival for two consecutive years, IoBM students have received fully funded scholarships to attend the prestigious three day training and workshop event SPIKES Asia in Singapore. More than 4000 applicants from all over Asia… Read More

Spikes Asia Creative Festival