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Urgent Note

  1. It is highly recommended to visit the Road Map page first (General -> Road Map) if you are unable to see anything, see any error or unable to find newly added sections on the Register Online page.
  2. List of all offered courses Fall 2020 available HERE
  3. Course offering for Fall 2020 has been made available. You may view the same through Register Online page at your portal and plan for your courses to be picked on your registration day. You can only view the courses and cannot register right now. Registration will only open as per the schedule given in the memo.
  4. MAN 604 "Management Strategies and Emerging Organization" course has been replaced by MAN 619 "Emerging Organizational Models For Dynamic Change" course. MAN 619 course is in sync with MAN 604.
  5. For the last time MAN 402 "Organizational Behavior" course has been offered to Weekend and Evening students. This course has been replaced by MAN 418 "Management & Organizational Dynamics" course.

Registration Schedule – Fall 2020

For Day One Online Registration Add / Drop of Fall 2020 (Monday, August 17, 2020 from 1500 hrs onwards)
All Bachelor Program students who are left with 13 courses with CGPA 2.3 and above (program commencement on or before Fall-17).
All Masters after Bachelor Program(1.5 years) students who left with 06 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above (program commenced on or before Spring-2020).
All MBA Weekday Programs (2 or 3.5 Years) students who left with 13 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above (program commenced on or before Fall-19 for 2 years and Spring-18 for 3.5 years).
MBA Weekend/ Evening/ Specialized Programs (2 or 3.5 years) who left with 09 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above (program commenced on or before Summer-19 for 2 years and Spring-18 for 3.5 years).
For Day Two Online Registration Add / Drop of Fall 2020 (Tuesday, August 18, 2020 from 1500 hrs onwards)
All Graduates and Postgraduate Program Students.
For Day Three Online Registration Add / Drop of Fall 2020 (Thursday, August 20, 2020 from 1500 hrs onwards)
All Undergraduate Program Students.

Online Registration Issues Fall 2020

  1. Please note that your course offerings on Register Online form would not be visible on your portal unless you visit first the General>Roadmap form. Course offerings would not be visible if you have not at least once gone to the Road map screen.
  2. List of all offered courses Fall 2020 available HERE
  3. First Day appointment list is available HERE
  4. Click here for Registration Manual
  5. Click here for Registration Memo
  6. In case of any issue related to Courses Offering (Faculty name, Section day/timing, course equivalency) send email to department coordinator with cc to HOD. List of Program/Department Coordinators with HODs is available HERE.
  7. Queries related to MBA LSCM, please contact to Mr Rizwan Ellahi
  8. My ID shows that it is being inactivated by Academics (or Admissions). What should i do?
    Please visit the relevant department (Academics / Admissions whichever is mentioned on your portal).

Course Offering Visibility Issues

How can i verify if a section is available for my program or not?

Section coding convention has been simplified. You’ll find only three alphabets in section code M, W or E only denoting Morning, Weekend and Evening respectively.
Sections starting with MWE are available for all programs. For others codes, if the alphabet for your program say W (MBA Executive 2yrs) is available in the section code e.g. W-1100 or MW-2309 or WE-1235 it means that the section is available for your program otherwise it is not.

What to do if the course I want is not visible?

  1. Go to your roadmap (General>Roadmap on student portal). The roadmap tells you what course you have passed, what courses are in progress, what course you are eligible to register (ETR) and what courses you are not eligible to register (NETR). Your roadmap is based on the courses specified in the catalog of your intake semester. Please view the catalog of your intake year HERE
  2. Only the courses that are in your program structure which have the status ETR (Eligible to Register) are visible to you. A course becomes ETR if you have passed its pre-req or the pre-req is currently in progress. Pre-req or its substitute should have been passed or be in progress.
  3. Please make sure that you look at both the course and its substitutes. You are given credit for doing the course or its substitute.
  4. If the course you want is a core course, go to the Program Core Courses table in your roadmap.
    • See if the course is available in this “core course section” of your roadmap. If it is available in this list but is not visible in the offering, then the offered course section has not been opened for your program. The sections that are visible to each program are as follows
      Section code ‘M’ for All Morning programs
      Section code ‘E’ for All Evening programs
      Section code ‘W’ for All Weekend programsPlease contact the Academics to find out about the reason.
    • If the course is not visible, please fill the form Core Course Not in Structure
    • If the course is visible, but is showing the status NETR (Not Eligible to Register) this means that you have not passed the pre-requisite course or its substitute.
    • See if the pre-req course is in the Program Core Courses table of your roadmap. If you think that you have done the pre-req but it is not showing in the core course list, then it may be listed in the “Not in Structure” table of your roadmap. If it is in the “Not in Structure” table, then please contact the HoD. The list of HoD for each course code prefix is available here. For e.g MKT301 is of Marketing Department.
    • If the course is neither in the Program Core Courses table, nor in the “Out of Structure” table of your roadmap, then fill the form Pre-req Course not in the program structure not in the program structure or meet the HoD of the relevant course.
  5. If the course you want is an elective and it is not visible in the Program Major table containing the electives, then please fill the form Offered Elective not in Major. Also, contact the HoD to have it resolved.
  6. How much should I worry about Out of Structure Courses during Fall 2020 Registrations?
    You should not worry about Out of Structure Courses if it is not hindering your Fall 2020 registrations. It may only hinder your registrations, if it is some course which is pre-req to the course you want to register from the course offerings. Otherwise, these out of structure courses can be handled later after the registrations. Out of structure courses are relevant to the issuance of the final transcript where the courses are matched with the original intake catalog program structure. The system will now keep your road map in-sync with your program structure and would reduce your worry during your last semester issues related to issuance of your final transcript.
  7. Why the Course Foundation English COM100 or Academic English COM107 is being shown to me as ETR (Eligible to Register)?
    “Foundation English COM100 and Academic English COM107 are marked with ” ** ” or ” + ” in the catalogs for Bachelors and MBA students respectively with clear guideline that it is ‘for less proficient students’. Unless the student has been advised to register in COM100 or COM107, this catalog instruction is self-explanatory. If you are not advised to take these courses, these will remain visible in your Roadmap with ETR (Eligible To Register) status and you may ignore that.”

Login Issues

  1. How can I access new portal named “IoBM SMARTZ”?
    To access “IoBM SMARTZ” type smartz.iobm.edu.pk in your browser and click on “Student Portal”

  2. What is my login Id and password for IoBM SMARTZ?
    Your Student registration number e.g. 20111-13656 is your login ID for SMARTZ and password is send to you on your official email address e.g. std_11111@iobm.edu.pk

  3. I have received my IoBM login id and password but I am unable to login, system showing following message.“Your Account is Invalid, Kindly contact Academics Department”

    Your id is locked by academics or admission department for some reason like i. Missing document for admission ii. Not enrolled in any course from last 2 semesters iii. Below Good Standing CGPA. For this you have to contact the relevant department to get your ID unlocked. You may  contact student councelor for further details.

  4. I am unable to access IoBM SMARTZ account, it says “Login failed, Registration No. Is not registered”

    Try using copy and past feature rather than typing. If the problem persists, contact our helpdesk.
  5. Can I change my student portal password?
    Yes you can change your password from following location (see image)
  6. My ID shows that it is being inactivated by Academics (or Admissions). What should i do?
    Please visit the relevant department (Academics / Admissions whichever is mentioned on your portal).

Fee Issues

  1. My Fee Balance is not updated on “IoBM SMARTZ”?
    Fees paid/transferred into your virtual account require 48 hours to be updated at IoBM SMARTZ. You may check your balance via Student Fee page after 48 hours of your payment time.
  2. How can I check if my financial aid status is active at IoBM SMARTZ?
    If you can see the highlighted row (Financial Assistance/Concession) in your verification page, it means you have the Financial Aid available at IoBM SMARTZ. If this row is missing and you can only see the first two rows, there is no FA
  3. How can I submit my fee on new portal?
    Fee submission process is same i.e using virtual account number in standard chartered bank. Your fee balance will be updated on IoBM SMARTZ in 1 – 2 working day.
  4. I am not able to upload the scanned copy of fee voucher on the IoBM SMARTZ registration tab
    You don’t need to upload fee voucher on IoBM Smartz. Fee will be updated automatically.

Appointment Issues

  1. I am eligible for first day appointment as per the criteria given in registration memo but my ID is not available in the 1st day appointment list published at FAQ page.?
    There were a few students missing from the list shared earlier. Updated list will be published soon.
  2. Why my name is not there in first day appointment list ?
    Check the eligibility criteria for 1st day appointment “available here
  3. I have completed required no. of courses according to my degree program and I have to enroll or repeat additional courses but my name is not there in first day appointment list?
    Student who have completed or exceeded their required no. of courses are already allowed for 1st day registration.
  4. I do not see anything on Register Online page or it says “Your appointment is not open yet”. What should i do?
    Course offering will appear on Register Online page once you have visited the RoadMap page. If you have not visited the roadmap page as yet. Open roadmap first and then comeback to Register online page. It shall show the courses for you.

Program Major / Area of Specialization Issues

  1. My Major is not correct on “Student Major” page. What should I do ?
    Send an email to cmshelpdesk@iobm.edu.pk with your correct Major / Area of specialization.
  2. I Cannot see the  drop down of major on “Student Major” Page ?
    If you are opening it on your mobile, try using laptop / desktop to access this page.
  3. How can I Mark / Select my area of specialization on SMARTZ?
    It can be done in 3 easy steps follow the manual Here.
  4. My major electives are being shown in out of structure section. What should i do?
    Verify that you have selected your major / area of specialization via page General —> Student Major.
  5. I am doing bi-majors what should i do?
    You can select maximum two major using the page General —> Student Major.
  6. My major is auto-selected on the major page. Do i still need to do anything?
    Majors of programs with only one major (e.g. BSCS, BS Media etc) are being marked in the system automatically so students don’t need to explicitly select the major.
  7. I have not selected my Major / Area of Specialization. Does it affect my registration in any way?
    Selection of Major / Area of Specialization is n

Road Map Issues

  1. My completed Courses are showing under section “Out of Program Structure”. What should I do?
    Submit the form available Here.
  2. I cannot see some of my completed on my road map ?
    Submit the form available Here and mention the courses which you cannot see.
  3. I have changed my program recently and cannot see my courses from previous program in Roadmap?
    Roadmap will only show courses from your current program. Your previous program courses will be shown on “Course” page.

General Issues

  1. I am an old student (batch beyond Fall-14) and some of my courses are not according to my catalog?
    Students with admit term beyond Fall-14 (Summer 14 and previous semesters) need to consult with their program/department HOD/coordinator to settle their program structure issues.
  2.  I have recently changed my program in the same career (e.g. BS AML to BS JH) and courses cleared in my previous program are not available (with PASS status) in the new program roadmap?
    Change in program within same career (this does not include MBA after BBA/BSJH programs) students will be dealt with separately after the registration. Please fill the form available HERE.
  3. I am an MBA program student and want to take an elective from undergraduate program (last three digits of the course code starting with 5 e.g. ACC505, MKT508) which is not available on my roadmap and registration page. What should i do?
    MBA program students interested to register in any undergraduate level elective, shall contact the relevant department HOD. Upon his/her approval manual enrollment for the same can be done by registration department.
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