For Registration of SPRING 2019 - Recent Updates (As on Dec 24, 1100 hrs)

  1. Click here for "List of Courses offered for Spring 2019"
  2. All Graduates and Postgraduates Program students registration will start at 1500 hrs.
  3. Most of the problem of Prerequisite are resolved and some are in progress, students are requested to re-login and check the portal. If you face any other prerequisite issue please fill the form Prerequisite Form
  4. All elective courses with section X,Y,Z are offered for MBA weekend students.
  5. All elective courses with section XB/YB/ZB are offered for BBA students.
  6. All elective courses with section XM/YM/ZM are offered for MBA morning.
  7. All electives courses with section XMB/YMB/ZMB are offered for MBA morning plus BBA honors.
  8. Specialized program students of MHM and LSCM will only able to register in Capstone projects for MHM & LSCM respectively. Other MBA students will not allowed to take MHM & LSCM capstones.
  9. Students are requested to re-login to the student portal.
  10. Please use "REGISTER ONLINE" (on the left side menu link) available under REGISTRATION or Use the "My Registration" button available on your dashboard.
  11. Students with appointment on later dates will see the message "YOUR REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT IS NOT OPEN YET" on the above page
  12. Click here for Registration Manual
  13. If you are facing any issue about Spring 2019 Registration, please fill this form:
  14. View Courses (on the left side menu link) is not updated, Just Registration View (on the left side menu link) will be updated when registration open.

For Day One Registration of SPRING 2019 (Tuesday, December 11, 2018 from 1130 hrs onwards)

  1. All Bachelor Program students who are left with 11 courses with CGPA 2.3 and above.
  2. All Masters after Bachelor Program students who are left with 6 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above.
  3. All MBA Weekday Programs (2 or 3 Years) students who are left with 11 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above.
  4. MBA Weekend/ Evening/ Specialized Programs (2 or 3 years) who are left with 10 courses with CGPA 2.8 and above.

For Day Two Registration of SPRING 2019 (Thursday, December 13, 2018 from 1500 hrs onwards)

  • All Undergraduates Program students.

For Day Three Registration of SPRING 2019 (Saturday, December 15, 2018 from 1500 hrs onwards)

  • All Graduates and Postgraduates Program students.

1. Login Issues

  1. How can I access new portal named “IoBM SMARTZ”?
    To access “IoBM SMARTZ” type in your browser and click on “Student Portal”

  2. What is my login Id and password for IoBM SMARTZ?
    Your Student registration number e.g. 20111-13656 is your login ID for SMARTZ and password is send to you on your official email address e.g.

  3. I have received my IoBM login id and password but I am unable to login, system showing following message.

    “Your Account is Invalid, Kindly contact Academics Department”

    Your id is locked by academics or admission department for some reason like i. Missing document for admission ii. Not enrolled in any course from last 2 semesters iii. Below Good Standing CGPA. For this you have to contact the relevant department to get your ID unlocked. You may  contact student councelor for further details.

  4. I am unable to access IoBM SMARTZ account, it says "Login failed, Registration No. Is not registered"

    Try using copy and past feature rather than typing. If the problem persists, contact our helpdesk.
  5. Can I change my student portal password?
    Yes you can change your password from following location (see image)

2. Fee Verification Issues

  1. My Fee Balance is not updated on “IoBM SMARTZ”?
    Fees paid/transferred into your virtual account require 48 hours to be updated at IoBM SMARTZ. You may check your balance via Fee Status page after 48 hours of your payment time.
  2. How can I check if my financial aid status is active at IoBM SMARTZ?
    If you can see the highlighted row (Financial Assistance/Concession) in your verification page, it means you have the Financial Aid available at IoBM SMARTZ. If this row is missing and you can only see the first two rows, there is no FA.
  3. How can I submit my fee on new portal?
    Fee submission process is same i.e using virtual account number in standard chartered bank. Your fee balance will be updated on IoBM SMARTZ in 1 working day.
  4. I am not able to upload the scanned copy of fee voucher on the IoBM SMARTZ registration tab
    You don't need to upload fee voucher on IoBM Smartz. Fee will be updated automatically.

3. Course Verification Issues

  1. How can I register my courses on new portal?
    Before registration of Spring 2019 semester you have to verify your already taken courses, their grades, CGPA and your current fee balance. A brief manual has been provided, Click here for instructions of system login and data verification.  
  2. Why can't I see my previous courses at IoBM SMARTZ?
    Students who have switched their program (including BBA to MBA cases) can only see their current program courses at IoBM SMARTZ. However, they may use myIoBM for their previous program courses.