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Specialization in Entrepreneurship and SME Banking and Finance is a unique MBA program which promotes the environment of entrepreneurship. SME financing by banking industry reaches historic level of Rs500bn in the last six months of 2018 due to growth in SME sector and SBP’s policy to accommodate SME sector of Pakistan. Due to this increase in SME financing, there are substantial availability of employment opportunities in SME Finance and Banking sector.

This dynamic two year program builds on the conceptual as well as practical knowledge related to SMEs. Individuals pursuing this degree will be able to acquire positions in high growth jobs in leading Commercial Banks and Financial Companies. These individuals can also start their own business or learn to grow their existing business. The program requires students to complete two SME based capstone projects to complete the degree.

  • Ability to manage human capital
  • Effective marketing of businesses
  • Develop business analytics for decision-making
  • Assess the financial health of a business
  1. Financial Managers
  2. Business Development Manager.
  3. Chief Financial Officer
  4. Management Consultant
 Area  Course Code/Title
Accounting ACC419 Financial Accounting
Communication COM402 Business Communication
Economics ECO409 Business Economics
Finance FIN408 Theory and Practice of Financial Management
FIN535 Strategic Finance for SMEs
Human Resource Management HRM410 Managing Human Capital
HRM606 Leadership Ethics and Change
Law LAW501 Governance, Regulations and Taxation for SMEs
Entrepreneurship ENT403 Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Management MAN418 Management and Organizational Dynamics
MAN511 SME Technology, Innovation & Operations
MAN512 Strategic Management for SMEs
MAN606 Business Analytics for Decision Making
Marketing MKT402 Marketing Management
MKT404 Methods in Business Research
MKT509 Consumer Behavior
MKT539 Entrepreneurial Marketing
Statistics and Mathematics STA411 Qualitative Analysis for Decision Making
Capstone Projects BPR601 Capstone Project I
BPR602 Capstone Project II

*Indicates MBA level courses

Students may choose 4 elective courses from the following electives.

FIN603 Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN613 Financial Modeling for Decision Making
FIN615 Advanced Financing Practices for SMEs
ISF606 Islamic Finance for SMEs
MKT629 Marketing of SME Banking Products
MAN611 SMEs in Global Context
Semester One Semester Two
Financial Accounting
Business Communication
Business Economics
Theory and Practice of Financial Management
Strategic Finance for SMEs
Managing Human Capital
Leadership Ethics and Change
Governance, Regulations and Taxation for SMEs
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Management and Organizational Dynamics
SME Technology, Innovation & Operations
Strategic Management for SMEs
Semester Three Semester Four
Business Analytics for Decision Making
Marketing Management
Methods in Business Research
Elective I
Elective II
Capstone Project I
Consumer Behavior
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Qualitative Analysis for Decision Making
Elective III
Elective IV
Capstone Project II

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