Program Credit Hours Minimum Years Maximum Years In special cases IoBM has the right to grant additional extension which will be decided on case to case basis.
All Undergraduate Programs   4 6  
Graduate Programs 108 3.5 5  
72  2 5  
36  1.5 3  
Postgraduate / MS / MPhil   1.5 4  
Postgraduate PhD   3 8  


Students desiring credit transfer in a specific degree program will be required to submit application along with their transcripts and course outlines/descriptions soon after their admission formalities have been completed. The request for transfer of credit hours will be reviewed if the previous program was incomplete and courses were done during the last 3 years. The credit equivalence committee (CEC) will examine such cases and decide accordingly, keeping in view the following:

  • All requests must be for the same level of program. Courses completed in Bachelor’s program cannot be considered for Master’s program
  • The credit hours will not be considered from program which has been completed and the student has been graduated.
  • Transfer applications can be submitted once and atleast two weeks before commencement of the first semester, late applications for transfer of credits will not be considered nor any second application will be accepted.
  • Student will be required to submit the application along with course outlines and an official transcript
  • Student must have secured B or better grade as per the IoBM grading plan in each course meant to be transferred and the course title /outline must match with IoBM course plan. However, the decision of the subject specialist or Credit Equivalence Committee will be final.
  • The Committee has the right to reject any course or an application
  • Maximum of 3 courses can be transferred in PhD programs
  • Maximum of 4 courses can be transferred in MPhil/MS programs
  • Maximum courses of two semesters can be transferred in Bachelor’s / MBA Programs from highly reputed and HEC recognized institutes of Pakistan and abroad. However, each case will be reviewed separately and the decision will be taken considering the grades and the reasons for the transfer


  • Students who stop attending classes at the Institute, for any reason, without informing the concerned authorities about their absence for more than one semester, their admission shall be suspended.
  • Admissions can be deferred for maximum of two semesters with justification and approval of the Executive Director
  • Admissions. Any relaxation not beyond two years is subject to approval of Executive Director Admissions.
  • Students who complete their Bachelor program from IoBM are eligible to register for MBA if there were no any disciplinary issues. However, if Security Deposit has been withdrawn, candidates may apply for restoration of admission to office of the Executive Director.
  • Students dropped due to below good standing (for Master’s program below 2.5 CGPA and for Bachelor’s below 2 CGPA) may also apply for re-admission and to qualify both the entry test and interview.
  • Students dropped out from the Institute for any reason will not be considered for enrollment as an external candidate
  • On successful completion of readmission process in undergraduate and graduate program: the degree/transcript section will consider transfer of previous courses completed in IoBM based on grades and their relevancy.
  • A MPhil or a PhD student dropped due to below good standing / time barred or absent for more than two years and CGPA is below 3.00, may also apply for readmission and to qualify both the entry test and Interview.
  • After readmission , the student will follow current program structure and obsolete courses will not be considered. However, the Program Head and OGS Office may recommend transfer of previous courses having minimum C+ grades to degree/ transcript section for consideration