IoBM has been, and continues to aim at harnessing the best researched and the most widely implemented methods of dissemination of information to support excellence in teaching, learning and research. Multifaceted teaching strategies at IoBM include experiential learning, cooperative learning, directed class discussions and activities in critical thinking.

  • Experiential learning methodology enables industry engagement through “learning by doing” approach. Adoption of experiential learning in all programs is a strategic initiative of IoBM.

  • The case method of instruction continues to be a significant classroom teaching strategy at IoBM with a view to integrating the best practices with management theory.

  • Field-based learning encourages students to complement their conceptual knowledge with off-campus learning experiences that deepen their understanding of business issues.

  • Research-based assignments under the supervision of trained faculty aim to hone the research skills of students and maximize participant-centered learning experiences by exploring specific topics of interest related to real business situations.

  • Specially-designed classrooms reinforce instruction through multimedia technology.

  • Understanding being the purpose of instruction, the process of assessment at IoBM is more than just evaluation. It is a substantive contribution to learning that aims to identify gaps in student learning. IoBM’s approach to learning is rooted deeply in assessment that fosters understanding and is more than an end-of-the-semester test. It informs students and faculty about what students currently understand and how to proceed with subsequent teaching and learning.

Performance Evaluation and Standards

The performance of students is constantly evaluated through surprise quizzes, hourly examinations, assignments throughout the semester, submission of term reports, presentations and final examinations at the end of the semester.

Grade Marks Grade Points
A+ 96-100 4.00
A 91-95 3.89
A- 87-90 3.78
B+ 84-86 3.67
B 79-83 3.33
B- 74-78 3.00
C+ 68-73 2.75
C 65-67 2.67
C- 62-64 2.50
D 60-61 1.75
F <60 0.00

Grade points are assigned to the given grades for calculation of the cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

There is an option for students to avail Pass/Fail in their courses. For more information please visit the Examination page