If any student needs more financial support, such students are facilitated from the IoBM Endowment Fund up to even 100% tuition fee as approved by the competent authority.

Education Department, Government of Sindh offers need based scholarships to students having Sindh domicile. Scholarships are announced through advertisements in newspapers by the Education Department Govt of Sindh. The Admissions Department further circulates information to all students with deadlines for collection and submission of forms. The awardee student receives 100% tuition fee.

If a student needs more financial assistance and his/her need is justified, he/she can apply for FA from the Shan Foods Endowment Fund if approved by the competent authority.

If any student needs more assistance, the FA/Scholarship section forwards his case to the F&PC with their recommendation. After approval from the Chairman, a letter with the required fee is sent to the office of BJMDT.