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College of Economics & Social Development

Lack of trained teachers has surfaced as one of the main causes of Pakistan lagging behind in the human capital index. Keeping in view the dire need of dynamic and enterprising teachers in schools, IoBM offers BS (Education) program. This 4-year program has been particularly developed to fill in the niche in Pakistan’s educational scenario. The program will provide a strong foundation in the field of education and integrate the core principles of effective teaching. The main goal of this program is to produce graduates, who have the ability to apply the science of learning to practical educational problems. This program will not only help to meet the basic criteria to become effective teachers in public or private schools, but it will also provide a clear path to pursue higher studies in Education (M.Phil/Ph.D). This is a 144 hours credit program, which will be offered during the weekdays.

Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (any group)/A-Levels with at least 55% marks

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify needs of the individual learner 
  • Skills to conduct research in classroom
  • Develop a culture of tolerance and understanding 
  • Critical thinking through by evaluating and analyzing information 


  1. Guidance Counselor
  2. School Psychologist
  3. Career Counselor
  4. Education Consultant
  5. Admission Counselor/Recruiter
  6. Education Administrator

Interested in this program? Visit the admissions page for more information.

Foundation Courses

COM101 General English
COM107 Academic English
COM119 Communication Skills

Computer Science
CSC111 Introduction to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

LAN112 Urdu I

Political Science
PSC301 Pakistan Studies

SSC101 Introduction to Psychology

Religious Studies
REL101 Islamic Studies

Required Courses

Core Education Courses

BSE101 General Science
BSE103 General Methods and Principles of Teaching.
BSE105 Classroom Management
BSE107 General Mathematics
BSE201 Teaching of General Science
BSE203 Foundation of Education
BSE205 Early Childhood Education
BSE207 Classroom Assessment
BSE209 Teaching of English
BSE211 Teaching of Mathematics
BSE213 School, Community and Teacher
BSE250 Teaching Practicum – I
BSE255 Teaching Practicum II
BSE301 Curriculum Development
BSE303 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
BSE350 Teaching Practicum III
BSE401 School Management
BSE403 Gender Studies
BSE405 Inclusive Education
BSE407 Innovations and Technology in Education
BSE420 Piece Education
BSE422 Lifelong Learning in Changing Context
BSE450 Teaching Practicum – IV
BSE501 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project I
BSE503 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project II

Social Enterprise Design

SED102 Philosophy of Education and its Psychological Roots
SEM102 Social Enterprise in Education: HRM
SEM103 Ethical Leadership

Educational Management

EDM402 Applied Linguistics
Critical Thinking and Reading
EDM406 Educational Policy and Economics
EDM414 Creativity in Education
EDM416 Comparative Education System
EDM417 Educational Counseling
EDM419 Managing Teaching and Learning
EDM421 Sociology of Education
EDM422 Learners and Learning Styles
EDM423 Reflective Inquiry in Education
EDM427 Research Methods in Education II (Qualitative)
EDM429 Research Methods in Education I (Quantitative)

Elective Courses

BSE420Peace Education
BSE422Lifelong Learning in Changing Context
EDM402Applied Linguistics
EDM518Evaluation and Assessment in Education

Course Structure

Semester One Semester Two
General English Academic English
Islamic Studies Introduction to Info. & Communication Technology (ICT)
Introduction to Psychology Classroom Management
Urdu I General Mathematics
General Science Pakistan Studies
General Methods and Principles of Teaching Philosophy of Education and its Psychological Roots
Semester Three Semester Four
Teaching of General Science Classroom Assessment
Foundation of Education Teaching of English
Social Enterprise in Education: HRM Teaching of Mathematics
Ethical Leadership: Islamic Perspective School, Community and Teacher
Early Childhood Development Critical Thinking and Reading
Teaching Practicum – I Teaching Practicum II
Semester Five Semester Six
Communication Skills Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
Learners and Learning Styles Sociology of Education
Reflective Inquiry in Education Teaching Practicum III
Creativity in Education Managing Teaching and Learning
Curriculum Development Educational Policy and Economics
Educational Counselling Research Methods in Education I (Quantitative)
Semester Seven Semester Eight
School Management Gender Studies
Elective I Innovations and Technology in Education
Elective II Inclusive Education
Research Methods in Education II (Qualitative) Comparative Education System
Teaching Practicum – IV Lifelong Learning in Changing Contexts
Thesis Writing Capstone Project I Thesis Writing – Capstone Project II
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