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International Academic Linkages

IoBM has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with over 50 leading foreign universities to carry out the following activities cooperatively:

  • Exchange of Students, Faculty and Management Staff for Academic and Administrative Programs.
  • Collaborative research with partner universities for publication and securing international funding.
  • Joint Training and Development Programs, Joint PhD Supervision and International Conferences.
  • Exchange of Information, Materials and Research Publications in fields of mutual interest.
  • Joint participation in International Funding Programs.

International Academic Linkages
Our International Partners

Our International Partners

The International Office of IoBM works under the President, IoBM. The Department is successfully managing bilateral academic collaboration agreements under formally signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with over fifty reputed foreign universities all across the globe. Through these partnerships, students from our various partner universities and IoBM can attend an exchange semester abroad, sometimes on fully or partially funded tuition fee scholarships.

Following are IoBM academic partner universities.

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Student Exchange Program Policy for Course Transfer to IoBM from Partner University

Student Exchange Program Policy for Course Transfer to IoBM from Partner University

As per policy, a maximum of 4 courses can be transferred to your IoBM transcript. Course transfer requires to meet two conditions. i) The course outline studied should be at least similar to IoBM course outline and ii) the grade obtained in the course must be B and above grades as per the grading scale of the host university. The courses studied at the foreign university will be included in the completed course list but course grades will neither be shown on the transcript nor included in the CGPA calculation.

As an IoBM student, you may apply for the Student Exchange Program to study a semester abroad at one of our partner universities. IoBM has a significant number of agreements with partner universities in different parts of the World to provide its students with an incredible exchange experience and great international exposure.

A circular is sent via email to all IoBM students every year in March/April, inviting applications for the Fall and Spring Semester Student Exchange Programs of that academic year. The list of universities that offer Exchange programs is mentioned in that announcement. The eligibility criteria and the procedure to apply, along with the application deadline, are also stated.

Students are also provided with an updated estimated cost sheet indicating the approximate expenses at each partner university except for tuition fees. Moreover, information about the programs offered in each university is provided too, so that the students may apply accordingly.

By attending an exchange semester abroad, you will have an incredible avenue to experience life in a foreign country and explore the dynamic culture of a new place. Not just that, you will also get an opportunity to interact with international students from various parts of the globe, meet new friends, and expand your network. You will get a chance to learn new languages, explore different places and experience the latest knowledge, all contributing to your personal development. Hence, a uniquely transformative experience awaits you, which will make your resume turn heads!

Minimum CGPA: 3.2 (Bachelors), 3.2 (Masters).

•    Participation in Extracurricular Activities.

•    Undergraduate students should have completed at least one semester at IoBM when


•    Master’s program students, who have completed their Bachelors from any University other

       than IoBM, should have completed at least one semester at IoBM or must be currently

        enrolled in their first semester at IoBM.

•    Students who have already been on the Exchange Program by IoBM are not eligible to apply


•    Students of any Bachelors and Masters are not eligible to go on an exchange program in their

        final semester. All students should complete their final semester at IoBM.

Based on the eligibility criteria, if your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted via email for the interview round with the Selection Panel. If selected, you will be placed at one of our partner universities. You will not be required to pay tuition fees at the host university. Still, you will be responsible for self-finance your visa, traveling, boarding & lodging, and other miscellaneous living expenses while attending a semester abroad.

IoBM outgoing exchange students are required to return to IoBM after completing their study period abroad and graduate from IoBM after meeting all their degree program requirements.