PHD Supervisor Training

Program Overview

This course aims to help new supervisors develop their understanding of the role and responsibilities of Ph.D. supervisors, and to encourage experienced supervisors to reflect on and develop their practice with an increasingly diverse Ph.D. student population.

Who should attend this course?

If you are new to Ph.D. supervision, you will ideally complete this course before you begin supervising a Ph.D. student. If you are an experienced supervisor, you will and it useful to complete the course before you attend a refresher supervisor briefing. However, the course is always available so you can dip back into it at any time to refresh your knowledge of specific areas.

Course Description

This course will focus on various stages of the thesis research and what role the supervisor has to play in guiding the student. It would start out by describing the dynamic role of an extended abstract in guiding the research through its various phases. The framework has been found to be useful in concentrating the researcher on the current state of the research and its various versions. The successive versions of the extended abstract represent the evolution of the thesis document as it undergoes repeated enhancements in increasing the clarity, concreteness, completeness, consistency and coherence of the various chapters. Problem Statement and Thesis Statement serve as a useful tool for concentrating the ideas on a single point that is easy to communicate and defend. The use of terminology and their linkage with various considerations of the thesis such as originality, contribution and significance would be explained.

Important role of the supervisor in managing the psychology of the students as it goes through various moods/states is also described. How supervisor needs to assist the researcher. This especially becomes necessary as the supervisor increases the pressure to enhance the rigor of the methodology.

Trainer’s Profile

Dr. Irfan holds a Ph.D. and M.S. from University of Texas at Austin, USA. In addition, he holds an MBA from IBA and BE-Electronic from DCET/NED. He has a wide experience in academic leadership, consultancy, entrepreneurial ventures, training’s, teaching, research, in the design and implementation of innovative programs and as a motivational speaker. He has been instrumental in the development of research based MPhil. /MS programs and has been supervising research in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, software engineering, networking and energy management. He has over twenty international publications in reputed journals and proceedings indexed by Scopus and Web of Science.