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Meet Dania Raheel, a dynamic individual with a versatile professional unique blend of expertise in media management, marketing, and environmental science. Dania holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Media Management and Marketing from the prestigious Institute of Business Management (IoBM), where she honed her skills in strategic communication and brand development. With a strong academic foundation, Dania also boasts a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, showcasing her passion for sustainability and the natural world. She has leveraged her knowledge and analytical acumen as a Data Analyst at the Quality Enhancement Cell at IoBM, where she played a pivotal role in optimizing processes and driving data-driven decision-making. Her commitment to excellence and her drive to create meaningful change makes her an invaluable asset to the QEC team IoBM. Dania's dedication to continuous learning and professional growth sets her apart as a proactive team player. Her ability to navigate complex challenges and find innovative solutions has earned her admiration among colleagues and peers alike.