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He is currently working with IoBM as an Assistant Professor and Head of the department, Economics. He has done a Ph.D. and an MPhil in Economics from IoBM. He has also completed a MAS in Applied Economics from AERC, University of Karachi, and another Master in International Relations. He is also a member of BASR-IoBM. He has over twenty years of teaching experience at various business institutions, mainly at IoBM. His research interests are in the areas of International, Monetary, Macro Economics, and Econometrics. He has presented many papers in the diversified areas of economics at national and international conferences. His research papers have been published in reputed refereed journals both national and international. He has been part of different research projects at IoBM conducted in collaboration with FPCCI, TDAP, IUCN, WWF, etc. He has also contributed to the Sindh Economic Survey. He occasionally authors articles for magazines and newspapers on current, economic, and social issues.