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Professor Dr. Muhammad Kashif is a seasoned academician, researcher, and administrator with a distinguished career in Economics and Finance. Holding a PhD from the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scotland UK, Dr. Kashif has demonstrated a strong academic background and expertise in the field of Finance and Economics.

His qualifications include a Master's in Financial Economics with a specialization in Finance from Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Scotland UK and an MBA with a focus on Finance. Dr. Kashif also holds a Bachelor's Degree with a specialization in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Baluchistan, Pakistan.

With extensive research and teaching experience, Dr. Kashif's academic journey has revolved around Asset Pricing, Portfolio Choice, and Investment Analysis. His commitment to academic excellence is evident in successfully supervising numerous PhD and MPhil/MS students, guiding them in their research endeavors and contributing to their academic growth.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Kashif has held key administrative roles, including Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences and Head of Department at SZABIST University, Pakistan. In these leadership positions, he has exhibited exceptional organizational and management skills, overseeing academic programs for national and international accreditation, building faculty portfolios as per international standards, and managing publications.

Dr. Kashif's commitment to excellence extends to the global stage, as reflected in his role as an Editor and Reviewer for esteemed publications such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Managerial Finance, and International Journal of Emerging Markets, among others. His dedication to academic discourse is further demonstrated through active participation in conference presentations and chairing sessions.

As an accomplished researcher, Dr. Kashif has published over 40 research articles in nationally and internationally recognized, Web of Science-indexed impact factor journals. Notably, his paper on "Higher co-moments and asset pricing on the London Stock Exchange" published in the Journal of Banking and Finance has received widespread recognition.

Dr. Muhammad Kashif brings a wealth of academic, research, and administrative experience, making him a valuable asset to any institution committed to excellence in education and scholarly pursuits.