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Dr. Zehra Habib has a Ph.D. in Education from George Mason University, USA, where she received a dissertation fellowship award in 2011 for conducting research in Pakistan regarding underprivileged women’s participation in peace in the country. She also holds a Master’s in TESOL from American University, USA. Besides, she has a Master’s in English Literature from the University of Karachi, Pakistan. She has three decades of teaching experience and is the recipient of an academic excellence award in 2003 from the Governor of Sindh.  Her focus is specifically on gender, relating to the prevention of violence against women. Of specific interest to her are women, peace and security issues, and women’s contribution to peace, both in the Pakistani and international contexts. In this connection, she has interned with ICAN (International Civil Society Action Network) in Washington DC headed by Ms. Anderlini who has drafted the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 for Women, Peace, and Security. ICAN spearheads the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL). Working closely with this organization contributed vastly to Dr. Habib’s understanding and hands-on experience of fighting for women’s rights and the involvement of women in the peace process. Dr. Habib has conducted research and written briefs and articles for this organization. Other research areas that interest her are human rights, social justice, and post-colonial education. She has conducted voluntary work in girls’ schools in underprivileged areas, promoting peace education and human rights. As such, another major area of interest for her is peace education. She is also associated with local NGOs and charitable organizations which endeavor to bring underprivileged women from the periphery to the center. Dr. Habib has participated in several international conferences, some of which have been conducted at George Washington University, USA, Washington State University USA, AERA, USA, International Education Conference, Qatar, and several gender-related conferences organized by TIIKM in Thailand and Malaysia. She is the recipient of the best sessions and best conference paper award for the International Conference organized by TIIKM in 2021\\\.Dr. Habib has published research papers in National and International Journals and her future projects include editing a book on Peace Education, Women, and Security.