Room # A- 117, SSK Building


Ms. Navera Abrar is currently working as a Managing Editor for the Journal of Education and Educational Development (JoEED) at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM). She helps to determine content for each Volume of the journal, conduct meetings, and determine which articles will go in each issue. She makes assignments for articles, communicates the assignment parameters and deadlines, and serves as a resource for questions along the way. She oversees and manages the coordination of the content and the editing process with the help of editors and reviewers who have roles in editing the assignments; She is also responsible for editing each piece for adherence to the assignment and established style, correcting any errors in the writing mechanics. She also has the credit of training 2000 teachers in pedagogy and integrating technology in education. Her areas of interest are Teacher training and pedagogy, IT in Education, Guidance, and Counselling.