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The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Industrial Management offered by IoBM is a professional management degree program. After completion of this program, our graduates will contribute to the growth of industry through various skills such as management, computer applications, supply chain management, project management, industrial health and safety, etc. Also, special emphasis is given on developing entrepreneurial skills of students. Another outstanding feature of this program is the provision of hands-on training facilities in industrial units on a continuous basis, which blends theory with practical experience. Each final year student is required to undergo 2 credit hours of internship of 6 weeks with a reputable industrial organization. This collaboration increases job opportunities and accessibility to managerial positions and also enhances students’ professional competence and grooms them for acquiring managerial-track employment. Above all, the program serves to establish a strong linkage between academia and industry.

Students can also proceed further for postgraduate work in Industrial Management at leading international schools.

  • To assess about the resources being utilized in the industrial production process
  • Understanding the aspects of how to initiate a project and allocate resources 
  • Ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use judgment to achieve objectives 
  • Understanding of the complications that companies are facing in a global networked economy
  1. Logistics Manager 
  2. Materials Manager 
  3. Project Manager 
  4. Industrial Consultant 
  5. Supervisor
Area  Course Code/Title
Industrial INM101 Production Processes INM102 Industrial Safety & Health INM201 Methods Analysis and Time Study INM202 Energy Management INM203 Introduction to Production & Operation Management INM204 Ergonomics INM301 Introduction to Facility Planning & Layout INM302 Lean Six Sigma and Production INM303 Introduction to Planning and Scheduling INM304 Introduction to Project Management INM305 Inventory Management INM401 Introduction to Supply Chain management INM402 Introduction to Quality Management INM403 Business Process Methodology
Finance and Banking FIN201 Introduction to Business Finance FIN202 Financial Management
Human Resource Management HRM301 Human Resource Management
Language LAN 10* Foreign Language I LAN 20** Foreign Language II *1 = Introduction to Arabic *2 = Introduction to French *4 = Introduction to German *6 = Introduction to Italian *8 = Introduction to Chinese **1 = Intermediate Arabic **2 = Intermediate French **4 = Intermediate German **6 = Intermediate Italian **8 = Intermediate Chinese
Accounting ACC101 Introduction to Financial Accounting ACC201 Intermediate Financial Accounting ACC302 Cost Management Accounting
Entrepreneurship ENT403 Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Management Information Systems MIS104 Computer Programing & Graphics
Communication COM107 Academic English COM202 Business and Professional Speech COM205 Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Business Communication
Economics ECO301 Managerial Economics
Marketing MKT301 Principles of Marketing MKT302 Marketing Management
Mathematics MTH101 College Algebra MTH103 Calculus for Business decisions
Political Studies PSC301 Pakistan Studies
Psychology PSY300 Introduction to Psychology
Religious Studies REL101 Islamic Studies
Statistics STA204 Industrial Applications of Statistics
Social Sciences SSC202 Environmental Studies
Supply Chain Management  SCM400 Introduction to ERP Systems
Area  Course Code/Title
Industrial Management INM404 Introduction to Enterprise Life Cycle Management
INM405 Technology Management
INM406 Operation Research
INM407 Enterprise Risk Management
INM408 Procurement Management
INM409 Production Planning & Control
INM412 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
INM413 Manufacturing Processes
Economics ECO402 Pakistan Economic Policy
LAW LAW409 Corporate and Business Law
Marketing MKT404 Methods in Business Research
Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Academic English
Principles of Management
Production Processes
Pakistan Studies
College Algebra
Islamic Studies
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Principles of Marketing
Calculus for Business Decisions
Industrial Safety & Health
Introduction to Psychology
Organizational Behavior
Business and Professional Speech
Industrial Applications of Statistics
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Methods Analysis and Time Study
Computer Programming & Graphics
Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Business Communication
Introduction to Business Finance (R)
Marketing Management
Energy Management
Introduction to Production & Operation Management
Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
Foreign Language I
Cost Management Accounting
Human Resource Management
Environmental Studies
Introduction to ERP Systems
Introduction to Facility Planning and Layout
Foreign Language II
Financial Management
Introduction to Planning and Scheduling
Introduction to Project Management
Inventory Management
Lean Six Sigma and Production
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to SCM
Project I
Elective I
Elective II
Introduction to Quality Management
Business Process Methodology
Project II
Elective III
Elective IV
Internship (2 credit hours)

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