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The Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a professional and comprehensive management degree that provides conceptual knowledge and in-depth exposure to functional areas in business management including accounting and finance, marketing, management, and MIS along with special emphasis on Supply Chain Management and all modules such as Logistics, warehousing and and Risk management. In a 4-year Bachelor of BS in Supply Chain Management program, students explore the business aspects of the transportation, distribution and warehousing activities of various corporations. The program employs the latest approaches in experiential learning to develop skills for interpersonal communication, team work, foreign languages and managing diversity.

BS is a four-year program. It requires completion of 144 credit hours of course work and 2 credit hours of internship in a firm approved by the Institute. A student is required to complete 48 courses of 3 credit hours each in order to meet degree requirements. Six credit hours are structured into the program for a foreign language course. Students must maintain a CGPA of 2.5 for conferment of the degree.

Students must take a minimum load of twelve credit hours (four courses) or a maximum load of eighteen credit hours (six courses) in a semester. In order to obtain the BS degree in four years, they need to complete twelve courses in a year. Full load of six courses can be taken each in Fall and Spring semesters with an option for fewer courses in the latter and making up for the shortfall in the summer session.

  1. Logistics Analysts
  2. Sourcing Specialists
  3. Global Supply Analysts
  4. Purchasing Managers
  • Assess the associations of globalization and of outsourcing components of the value chain
  • Integrate a supply chain model into the business plan for sustainability 
  • Determine how a supply chain functions in the global perspective
  • Evaluate the global business environment from a competitive and economic outlook.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Accounting Communication Language Economics Finance
SCM101 Essentials of Supply Chain Management
SCM102 Logistics and Operations Management
SCM201 Shipping, Ocean Freights and Port Operations
SCM202 Supply Chain Finance
SCM303 Logistical Projects in ERP
SCM304 Food Security and Sustainability
SCM305 Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
SCM306 Innovation Management in Supply Chain & Logistics
SCM307 Globalization and Outsourcing Strategies
SCM308 Mobile Commerce and Mobile Logistics
SCM311 Import Export Management
SCM400 Introduction to ERP Systems
SCM401 Storage and Warehouse Techniques
SCM402 Transportation Techniques and Management
SCM403 Procurement and Inventory Management
ACC201 Intermediate Financial Accounting COM107 Academic English
COM202 Business and Professional Speech
COM205 Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Bus. Comm.
LAN 10* Foreign Language I
LAN 20** Foreign Language II
*1 = Introduction to Arabic
*2 = Introduction to French
*4 = Introduction to German
*6 = Introduction to Italian
*8 = Introduction to Chinese
**1 = Intermediate Arabic **2 = Intermediate French
**4 = Intermediate German
**6 = Intermediate Italian
**8 = Intermediate Chinese
ECO104 Micro and Macroeconomics
ECO402 Pakistan Economic Policy
ECO405 Seminar in Economics Policy
FIN201 Introduction to Business Finance
Entrepreneurship Marketing Mathematics Political Sciences Management Religious Studies
ENT403 Small Business and Entrepreneurship MKT301 Principles of Marketing
MKT404 Methods in Business Research
MTH101 College Algebra
MTH103 Calculus for Business Decisions
PSC301 Pakistan Studies MAN101 Principles of Management
MAN302 Organizational Behavior
MAN406 Production and Operations Management
 REL101 Islamic
 Human Resource Management Statistics Management Information Systems Social Science Law
 HRM301 Human Resource Management STA201 Quantitative Business Analysis
STA202 Quantitative Skills and Managerial Statistics
MIS405 Computer Applications – E-Business SSC202 Environmental Studies
SSC401 Business Ethics
LAW409 Corporate and Business Law
SCM404 Supply Chain Project Management
SCM514 Business Process Mgmt. in Supply Chain & Logistics
SCM516 Life Cycle Enterprise Asset Management
SCM518 Packaging Design-Environmental Aspects
SCM520 Contract Management
SCM522 Negotiation strategies in Supply chain Management
EEM410 Environmental Impact Assessment
SCM513 Quantitative Methods in Production in Logistics
SCM515 IT applications in Logistics and SCM
SCM517 Demand Management
SCM519 e-business Strategies in SCM
SCM521 Sustainability & Env. Aspects in Managing Supply
EEM403 Energy Sources and Management Chains
 Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Academic English
Principles of Management
Essentials of Supply Chain Management
Pakistan Studies
College Algebra
Islamic Studies
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Environmental Studies
Micro and Macroeconomics
Principles of Marketing
Calculus for Business Decisions
Logistics and operations management
Foreign Language I
Import-Export Management
Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Bus. Com.
Introduction to ERP systems
Quantitative Business Analysis
Shipping, Ocean Freights & Port Operations
Business and Professional Speech
Introduction to Business Finance
Business Ethics
Supply Chain Finance
Quantitative Skills & Managerial Statistics
Organizational Behavior
 Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
Logistical projects in ERP
Food Security and Sustainability
Methods in Business Research
Human Resource Management
Mobile Commerce and Mobile Logistics
Computer Applications-E-Business
Lean Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing
Foreign Language II
Innovation Mgmt. in Supply Chain & Logistics
Corporate and Business Law
Globalization and Outsourcing Strategies
Pakistan Economic Policy
Storage and Warehouse techniques
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Procurement and Inventory Management
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Seminar in Economic Policy
Production and Operations Management
Transportation Techniques & Mgmt.
Elective IV
Elective V
Elective VIInternship (2 credit hours)

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