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Specialization in Industrial Management is designed to address and solve real life problems relating to industrial set-ups. Collaboration with relevant industries and financial institutes is its modus operandi. This specialization is one of the very few aimed at mid-career professionals who wish to make the move to senior management within industrial and manufacturing organizations. It is designed to provide the business expertise essential for all senior managers by integrating specific engineering subjects with the management of technology and manufacturing systems. The specialization also examines the latest business thinking and provides expert knowledge on engineering and technology issues and theories. Topics such as finance, marketing, management strategy are integrated with modern industrial issues such as project and quality management, manufacturing effectiveness, advanced manufacturing technology and supply chain management.

Students selecting the domain based specialization in Industrial Management are expected to have completed the 30 credit hours of foundation stage of the MBA program. Specialization stage consists of 42 credit hours of course work covering strategic and operational areas. These include courses in the area of Marketing Strategy, Strategic Finance, Strategic Management, Leadership, Technology/Operations, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Processes, Analytics of Decision Making, etc. During the specialization stage, students take 12 credit hours of strategy courses, 9 credit hours of operational level courses, and 12 credit hours of elective courses. The department of Industrial Management has developed the strategy, operational and elective courses to help the students understand the requirement of the industry. In addition students select two real life Capstone Projects (6 credit hours) in their area of specialization during their final year.

MBA track for specialization in Industrial Management as well as the foundation stage is only available during the weekends. Candidates must select the specialization at the time of filing the application.

  • Focus on real-life problems relating to industrial processes and discrete manufacturing
  • Describe basic concepts and theories within the area of industrial management
  • Develop project planning techniques
  • Equip students with business and managerial skills to work in manufacturing and services industries
  1. Engineering Managers
  2. Industrial Production Managers
  3. Plant Superintendents
  4. General Managers
  5. Management Analyst
  6. Operations Manager
Area  Course Code/Title
Accounting ACC401 Introduction to Managerial and Cost Accounting
ACC419 Financial Accounting
Communication COM402 Business Communication
Economics ECO409 Business Economics
Engineering ENG405 Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
ENG604 Enterprise Asset Management and Financial Analysis
Finance FIN408 Theory and Practice of Financial Management
Human Resource Management HRM410 Managing Human Capital
Law LAW401 Business Law
Supply Chain and Logistics Management SCM605 Supply Chain Management*
Marketing MKT402 Marketing Management
MKT404 Methods in Business Research
MKT610 Marketing Strategies and Value Innovation*
Statistics STA411 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
Management MAN403 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MAN406 Production and Operations Management
MAN418 Management and Organizational Dynamics
MAN502 Business Process Re-engineering
MAN611 Project Management*
MAN612 Strategic Management*
HRM / Management HRM606 Leadership, Ethics and Change
MAN501 Total Quality Management
MAN606 Business Analytics for Decision Making
MAN608 Technology, Operations and Innovation
Marketing MKT615 Brand Management
MKT624 New Product Development Management
MKT625 Business to Business Marketing
Capstone Project BPR601 Capstone Project I*
BPR602 Capstone Project II*

*Indicates MBA level courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Engineering ENG408 Facilities Planning
ENG601 Maintenance Management
ENG602 Manufacturing Process and Systems
ENG603 Technology Management
INM404 Introduction to Enterprise Life Cycle Management
INM405 Technology Management
INM406 Operation Research
INM407 Enterprise Risk Management
INM408 Procurement Management
INM409 Production Planning & Control
INM412 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
INM413 Manufacturing Processes
Supply Chain and Logistics Management SCM606 ERP System Design and Implementation
SCM607 Strategic Supply Chain Management
SCM608 Procurement and Inventory Management
Environmental and Energy Management EEM404 Industrial and Municipal Waste Management
EEM408 Safety, Health and Environment Management
EEM409 Risk and Disaster Management
Finance FIN602 Behavioral Finance
FIN603 Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN608 Project Appraisal
FIN610 Debt and Equity Markets
FIN612 SME and Micro-Financing
FIN613 Financial Modeling for Investment Decisions
FIN630 Options, Swaps and Futures
FIN631 Applied Corporate Finance
FIN632 Fixed Income Securities
FIN633 Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
FIN634 Enterprise Risk Management
FIN635 Risk Management with Derivatives
Semester One Semester Two Semester Three
Business Communication
Financial Accounting
Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
Management and Organizational Dynamics
Business Economics
Business Law
Managing Human Capital
Introduction to Managerial and Cost Accounting
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Production and Operations Management
Methods in Business Research
Semester Four Semester Five Semester Six
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Project Management
Strategic Management
Supply Chain Management
Business Process Re-engineering
Marketing Strategies and Value Innovation
Enterprise Asset Management and Financial Analysis
Capstone Project I
Elective I
Elective II
Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
Capstone Project II

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