College of Computer Sciences & Information Systems

Course Detail

BS (Statistics and Business Analytics) is designed to give you substantial hands-on digital skills, teaching you statistical theory and data analysis techniques with the perspective of business analytics. You will learn how to use these skills to solve business problems, ap- plying them to specific areas in marketing, finance, and economics. In addition, you will learn international and sustainable business management from both theoretical and experiential viewpoints. The latest developments in Business Analytics’ technology are play- ing a crucial role in automating the analysis process. It is also enabling both data analysis experts and business users to interpret data more easily and quickly. Business analytics are key differentiators, which provide a competitive edge to companies across industries.

BS (Statistics and Business Analytics) is a four-year degree program. It requires completion of 141 credit hours of course work, 6 credit hours of the project approved by the college and compulsory internship of at least six weeks in an organization approved by the Institute. A major component of this degree is the final year two-semester project that teaches students how to apply statistical and computational principles to solve large-scale, real-world data analysis problems.

Statistics and Business Analytics students learn to:

  • Apply knowledge of Computing, Mathematics, and Statistics and integrate it with the business that is appropriate for the program.
  • Get a thorough understanding of tools and methods and enhance their ability to do in-depth research.
  • Analyze the data pertinent to business problems to explore solutions.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to get a greater insight regarding the day-to-day challenges that businesses face.
  • Use knowledge of data analytics to apply in the important branches of business management such as Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Risk Management, Supply Chain Management.
  • Change the world for the better – in areas like healthcare, transportation, and education, etc.
  1. Design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component or program to meet desired needs.
  2. Communicate effectively with different audiences.
  3. Improve business-related decision-making skills by exploring and mining data from various aspects.

1. Marketing Analyst


Financial Analyst


CRM Analyst

4. Supply Chain Analyst


Funds and Security Analyst


Research Scientist


ACC101 Introduction to Financial Accounting ACC201 Intermediate Financial Accounting


FIN201   Introduction to Business Finance

FIN202   Financial Management


MAN101 Principles of Management

MAN302 Organizational Behavior

MAN303 Production and Operations Management


COM107 Academic English

COM202 Business and Professional Speech

COM205 Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Bus. Communication


MKT301 Principles of Marketing

MKT302 Marketing Management

 MKT404 Methods in Business Research

Political Sciences

PSC301 Pakistan Studies

Social Sciences

SSC301 History of Ideas1


LAN 10* Foreign Language I

*1 = Introduction to Arabic      *2 = Introduction to French

*4 = Introduction to German    *6 = Introduction to Italian

*8 = Introduction to Chinese

Elective Courses


STA315 Design of Experiment II

STA316 Operations Research I

STA317 Operations Research II

STA309 Loss Models I

STA310 Loss Models II

STA319 Statistical Quality Control

FRM201 Principles of Risk Management

Elective (Business Analytics)

MKT602 Marketing Analytics

HRM512  HR Analytics

FINXXX Financial Analytics


ECOXXX Introduction Micro and Macroeconomics

ECO103 Intermediate Micro and Macroeconomics

ECO304 Introduction to Econometrics

ECO402 Pakistan Economic Policy

Management Information Systems

MIS401 Computer Applications

Human Resource Management

HRM301 Human Resource Management

Religious Studies

REL101 Islamic Studies


MTH100 Mathematics for Business MTH104 Calculus I

MTH105 Calculus II

MTH204 Linear Algebra

MTH403 Numerical Analysis


STA203 Probability Theory and Statistics I

STA205 Probability Theory and Statistics II

STA210 Sampling Theory

STA301 Model and Inferences

STA302 Methods of Data Analysis

STA305 Applied Regression Analysis

STA307 Decision Theory

STA311   Design of Experiment I

STA313 Applied Multivariate Analysis

STA303 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Natural Science

PHY111 Applied Physics

SSC202 Environmental studies

Final Year Project

STA491 Final Year Project I

STA492 Final Year Project II

Semester One (18 Credit Hours)

Islamic Studies (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Mathematics for Business (3+0) [Pre Req. NA] Principles of Management (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Introduction to Micro and Macroeconomics (3+0) [Pre Req. ECO102]

Probability Theory and Statistics I (3+0) [Pre Req. NA] Academic English (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Semester (18 Credit Hours)

Persuasive and Analytical Writing for Bus. Comm. (3+0) [Pre Req. COM107]

Pakistan Studies (3+0) [Pre Req. NA] Calculus I (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Probability Theory and Statistics II (3+0) [Pre Req. STA203]

Principles of Marketing (3+0)[Pre Req. NA]

Foreign Language I [Pre Req. NA]

Semester Three (18 Credit Hours)

Computer Applications (2+1) [Pre Req. NA]

Intermediate Micro and Macroeconomics (3+0) [Pre Req. ECOXXX]

Calculus II (3+0) [Pre Req. MTH104]

Introduction to Financial Accounting (3+0) [Pre Req. NA] Model and Inferences (3+0) [Pre Req. STA205]

Business and Professional Speech (3+0) [Pre Req. COM107]

Semester Four (18 Credit Hours)

Linear Algebra (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Organizational Behavior (3+0) [Pre Req. MAN101] Intermediate Financial Accounting (3+0) [Pre Req. ACC101]

Marketing Management (3+0) [Pre Req. MKT301] Methods of Data Analysis (2+1) [Pre Req. STA301]

Applied Physics (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Semester Five (18 Credit Hours)

Human Resource Management (3+0) [Pre Req. MAN302]

Introduction to Econometrics (2+1) [Pre Req. ECO102]

Introduction to Business Finance (3+0) [Pre Req. NA] Methods in Business Research (3+0) [Pre Req. MKT302]

Applied Regression Analysis (2+1) [Pre Req. STA302] Environmental studies (3+0 )[Pre Req. NA]

Semester Six (18 Credit Hours)

Financial Management (3+0) [Pre Req. FIN201]

Sampling Theory (2+1) [Pre Req. STA302]

Numerical Analysis (3+0)[Pre Req. MTH204]

Elective I (STATISTICS) (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Pakistan Economic Policy (3+0) [Pre Req. ECO103]

History of Ideas

Semester Seven (18 Credit Hours)

Decision Theory (3+0) [Pre Req. STA301]

Design of Experiment I (2+1) [Pre Req. STA305]

Production and Operations Management (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Elective I (BUSINESS ANALYTICS) (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Elective II (STATISTICS) (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Final Year Project I (0+3) [Pre Req. MKT404, STA305]

Semester Eight (15 Credit Hours)

Applied Multivariate Analysis (2+1)

Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (2+1) [Pre Req. STA305] Elective III (STATISTICS) (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Elective II (BUSINESS ANALYTICS) (3+0) [Pre Req. NA]

Final Year Project II (0+3) [Pre Req. STA491]