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Areas of Specialization: Teaching of Science, Teaching of Mathematics, English Language Teaching, Teaching of Social Sciences, ECD, School Leadership & Management


B.Ed. honors (2.5 years) degree program is offered to forthcoming pre-service and in-service teachers, potential and current school administrators, enterprising educational entrepreneurs and prospective and current administrators of educational organizations.

Professional development of school teachers and administrators is a pivotal factor for building the human capital index. IoBM has always taken the lead in providing the much needed human capital to Pakistan’s business industry. Keeping in view the dire need of dynamic and enterprising teachers and administrators in schools and educational organizations, IoBM offers B.ED (honors) 2.5 year program to contribute towards building the backbone of the educational sector. This 2.5-year program has been particularly developed to fill in the niche in Pakistan’s educational milieu. The purpose of the program is to provide a strong foundation in the field of education and integrate the core principles of effective teaching and managing educational organizations. The main goal of this program is to produce graduates, who have the ability to apply the science of learning to practical educational problems. The program not only meets the basic criteria of effective skills based pedagogy and foundations for solid administration in public and private schools, but also provides a clear path to pursue higher studies in Education (M.Phil/Ph.D). This is a 90 credit hours program which will be offered during the weekends.

It is a 90 credit hour program with 6 foundational courses (3 credit hours each), 4 content specialized courses (3 credit hours each), 13 professional development courses (3 credit hours each), 12 credit hours teaching practice and 6 credit hours research project. The maximum time limit to complete the B.Ed. degree is four years.

Eligibility Criteria:

BA / BSc. / B.Com or equivalent degree (14 years of education) with minimum 45%/ 2.00 CGPA Division from a university recognized by HEC

Learning Outcomes
  • To develop professional teachers and administrators
  • To nurture individuals with in-depth understanding of the psychological, philosophical, social and historical roots of education
  • To Foster constructive,  creative and Critical thinking skills
  • To develop effective and interpersonal communication skills
  • To incorporate modern information technology for teaching and school administrative purposes
  • To develop and design innovative and diverse pedagogies
  • To plan, develop, implement and evaluate curriculum
  • To develop and design innovative and diverse assessment and evaluation techniques
Career Path
  • School Administrators
  • Specialized Private and Public Sector School Teachers
  • School Psychologists
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Education Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs in Education
  • Administrators in Development Sector
  • Academic Coordinators
  • Civil Services Aspirants

BED203 Foundation and history of Education
BED120 Academic Writing and Seminar Skills
BED301 Curriculum Development
BED233 Evaluation and Assessment
BED421 Sociology of Education
BED206 Educational Psychology
SED102 Philosophy of Education and its Psychological Roots
BED231 Educational Policy and Economics

BED401 Area of Specialization 1
BED403 Area of Specialization 2
BED405 Area of Specialization 3
BED205 Early Childhood Education

BED341 Teacher Education
BED337 Educational Counseling
BED352 Strategic Management of Schools
BED363 Research Methods in Education
BED357 Critical Thinking and Reading
BED407 Innovations and Technology in Education
BED405 Inclusive Education
BED426 Comparative Education System
BED238 Interpersonal Communication Skills in Educational Settings
BED415 Lifelong Learning
BED359 School Management
BED351 Edupreneurship

BED281 Teaching Practicum – I
BED381 Teaching Practicum – II
BED383 Teaching Practicum – III

Semester One

Foundations and History of Education

Curriculum Development

Classroom Assessment

Innovations and Technology in Education

Semester Two

Inclusive Education

Teacher Education

Critical Thinking and Reading

Educational Psychology


Semester Three

Philosophy of Education and its Psychological Roots

Research Methods in Education

Academic Writing and Seminar Skills

Teaching Practicum-I


Semester Four


Sociology of Education

Teaching Practicum-II

School Management

Semester Five

Interpersonal Communication Skills in Educational Setting

Educational Policy and Economics

Early Childhood Education

Lifelong Learning


Semester Six

Area of Specialization – I *

Area of Specialization – II *

Area of Specialization – III*

Strategic Management of Schools


Semester Seven

Comparative Education Systems

Educational Counselling

Teaching Practicum (6 credit hours)

Research Project (6 credit hours)



*Areas of Specialization: Teaching of Science, Teaching of Mathematics, English Language Teaching, Teaching of Social Sciences, ECD, School Leadership & Management

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