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The BS (Honors) Media Studies program is designed to provide students with strong grounding in, and a broad academic base for, pursuing a professional career – institutional or entrepreneurial – in the wider field of media and film arts.

The curriculum seeks to endow students with creativity, and deep insight into the world of media and visual communication, through an array of courses in journalism, communication and social sciences, as well as practical hands-on exposure to the art and craft of film-making for television, and new media content creation. It strengthens their prospects in a world where multi-platform communication and multi-format journalism are becoming the norm.

The program owes its success to the support it has received over the years from media experts and practitioners, specialists from the field of journalism and film-making, who still make up the bulk of our department’s teaching faculty. We have also benefited from the collaboration received from other institutions, and media organizations.

The four-year program requires completion of 144 credit hours of course work, and a compulsory 6-week internship.


The Media Studies Department has state of the art facilities to allow students to work in a practical environment. Industry level equipment and facilities are provided to students to aid in their learning. Students can use any of the equipment and facilities for their projects.

 Critical Reading & Creative Writing
COM112 Appreciation of Literary Text

Basic Economics

Islamic Studies
REL101 Islamic Studies

LAN112 Urdu I
LAN113 Urdu II

MAN305 International Relations

Pakistan Studies
PSC301 Pakistan Studies

Social Sciences
SSC101 Introduction to Psychology
SSC104 Principles of Sociology
SSC302 Important Concepts in Philosophy

STA100 Basic Statistical Methods

Media Law & Business Ethics

MMM302 Logic & Critical Thinking
MMM304 Media Literacy
MMM307 World Civilization & Culture
MMM308 Contemporary World Media
MMM312 Introduction to Advertising & PR
MMM315 Feature, Article & Column Writing
MMM316 Sub Editing & Page Design
MMM318 Economic Journalism
MMM320 Editing & Post Production
MMM321 Development Communication
MMM322 Current Affairs
MMM324 Media Marketing
MMM327 Studio Production
MMM328 Methods in Media Research
MMM329 Creative Writing Workshop
MMM330 Appreciation of Vernacular Literature
MMM332 News Production/ News Anchoring
MMM338 Cinematography I
MMM344 Screenplay I
MMM354 Introduction to Sound Design
MMM360 Introduction to Photography
MMM362 History of Filmmaking
MMM363 Introduction to Design Tools
MMM364 Introduction to Mass Communication
MMM370 Introduction to Documentary
MMM374 Introduction to Journalism
MMM373 Content Creation
MMM376 Introduction to Performing Arts
MMM379 Advanced Documentary Production

MMM310 News Writing & Reporting
MMM333 Sports Journalism
MMM335 Magazine Production
MMM336 Human Rights & Gender Reporting
MMM321 Development Communication
MMM361 Fashion Journalism
MMM367 Digital Journalism
MMM372 Environmental Journalism
MMM378 Investigative Journalism I (Thesis)
MMM380 Investigative Journalism II (Thesis)

MMM339 Cinematography II
MMM342 Filmmaking – The Art & Craft I
MMM345 Screenplay II
MMM351 Production Management
MMM356 Ad-Film Production
MMM357 Advanced Editing & Sound Design II
MMM366 Filmmaking – The Art & Craft II (Thesis)
MMM368 Director’s Toolkit
MMM369 Production Design
MMM371 Creative Portfolio Management
MMM377 Direction
MMM381 Editing & Post Production II
MMM382 Editing & Post Production III (6C)

MMM373 Content Creation
MMM555 Discovering FIlm

Semester One Semester Two
Critical Reading & Creative Writing
Urdu I
Introduction to Mass Communication
Introduction to Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Introduction to Photography
Appreciation of Literary Text
Urdu II
Islamic Studies
Media Literacy
Introduction to Design Tools
History of Filmmaking
Semester Three Semester Four
Pakistan Studies
Basic Economics
Important Concepts in Philosophy
Basic Statistical Methods
News Writing & Reporting
Creative Portfolio Management (P)
Screenplay I
International Relations
World Civilization & Culture
Writing Workshop
Appreciation of Vernacular Literature
Studio Production
Editing & Post-production
Screenplay II (P)
 Semester Five Semester Six
Logic & Critical Thinking
Media Law & Business Ethics
Current Affairs
Introduction to Advertising & PR
News Production/ News Anchoring
Theater Arts
Production Management (P)
Cinematography I
Business Journalism
Contemporary World Media
Methods in Media Research
Sub-Editing & Page-Design
Introduction to Sound Design
Cinematography II (P)
Introduction to Documentary
Semester Seven Semester Eight
Development Communication
Human Rights & Gender Reporting
Environmental Journalism
Sports Journalism
Director’s Toolkit (P)
Ad-Film Production
Filmmaking – The Art & Craft I (6C) (P) **
Magazine Production
Production Design (P)
Filmmaking – The Art & Craft II (Thesis) (6C) (P) **
Advanced Documentary Production
Media Marketing
Digital Journalism
Investigative Journalism (Thesis)

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