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BS (Honors) Media Studies is a hands-on multidisciplinary program, designed to provide students with a strong grounding in, and a broad academic base for, pursuing a professional career - institutional or entrepreneurial - in the wider field of media and film arts. Although the program has been progressively strengthened since its inception in Fall-2010, by refining the curriculum and pedagogy backed by investments in infrastructure upgrades, major curricular changes incorporated over the last couple of years, now allow students to delve deeper into the realm of new media and arts, and acquire the skillsets necessary for success in the emerging world of media and visual communication.

Students can major in either one of two streams i.e. Journalism and Filmmaking, that are offered in the program. However, they share common foundation courses in the first four semesters, before branching out towards their chosen major and concentrate on their mandatory core courses and electives. A total of 144 credit hours of coursework needs to be undertaken for completing the degree requirement, along with a compulsory 6-week internship stint after the sixth semester.

The program owes its success to the support it has received over the years from media experts, practitioners, and specialists from the field of journalism and filmmaking who still contribute toward the department’s work, as well as from media organizations, digital marketing agencies, and production studios among others.


The Media Studies Department has state of the art facilities to allow students to work in a practical environment. Industry level equipment and facilities are provided to students to aid in their learning. Students can use any of the equipment and facilities for their projects.

Critical Reading & Creative Writing
COM112 Appreciation of Literary Text

Basic Economics

Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies

Urdu I
LAN113 Urdu II

Media Law & Business Ethics

Pakistan Studies
Pakistan Studies

Social Sciences
Social Sciences for Media

MMM344 Screenplay I
MMM354 Intro to Sound Design
MMM360 Introduction to Photography
MMM362 History of Filmmaking
MMM363 Intro to Design Tools
MMM374 Introduction to Journalism
MMM376 Intro to Performing Arts
MMM383 Introduction to Video Production
MMM394 Introduction to Creative Arts
MMM395 Media History
MMM396 Concept Art
MMM405 Cinematography

MMM342 Filmmaking – The Art & Craft: Thesis I (6C)
MMM351 Production Management
MMM366 Filmmaking – The Art & Craft: Thesis II (6C)
MMM369 Production Design
MMM373 Content Creation
MMM375 Advanced Sound Design
MMM377 Direction
MMM382 Editing & Post Production III (6C)
MMM402 Introduction to Unreal Engine

MMM301 Photojournalism
MMM318 Business Journalism
MMM333 Sports Journalism
MMM336 Human Rights & Gender Reporting
MMM367 Digital Journalism
MMM372 Environmental Journalism
MMM378 Investigative Journalism: Thesis I
MMM392 Investigative Journalism: Thesis II (6C)

MMM301 Photojournalism
MMM367 Digital Journalism
MMM384 Design Thinking
MMM386 Intro to Podcast & Audio Journalism
MMM399 New Media Technologies: Tools & Applications
MMM402 Introduction to Unreal Engine
MMM555 Discovering Film
ENT403 Entrepreneurship & Small Business

MMM384 Design Thinking
MMM396 Concept Art
MMM399 New Media Technologies: Tools & Applications
MMM555 Discovering Film
ENT403 Entrepreneurship & Small Business

MMM555 Discovering Film
MMM399 New Media Technologies: Tools & Applications

Semester One Semester Two

Critical Reading & Creative Writing
Introduction to Photography
Urdu I
Intro to Creative Arts
Pakistan Studies
Media History

Introduction to Design Tools
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction to Video Production
Intro to Performing Arts
Islamic Studies
History of Filmmaking

Semester Three Semester Four

Screenplay I
Concept Art
Edit & Post Production
Urdu II
Introduction to Sound Design

Intro to 3D Animation & Motion Graphics
UI/UX for Interactive Media
Introduction to Advertising & PR
Writing for Digital Media
Digital Journalism
Intro to Podcast & Audio Journalism (J)
Elective I (P)

 Semester Five Semester Six

Studio Production
Digital Marketing Basics
Social Sciences in Media
Creative Portfolio Management
Production Design (P)
Screenplay II (P)
Sports Journalism (J)
Photojournalism (J)

Production of Documentary
New Media Technologies: Tools & Applications
Content Creation
Production Management (P)
Direction (P)
Business Journalism (J)

Semester Seven Semester Eight

Methods in Media Research
Media Law & Ethics
Creative Portfolio Management
Filmmaking – The Art & Craft: Thesis I (P) (6C)
Investigative Journalism: Thesis I (J)
Elective I – Design Thinking
Elective II

Content Distribution & Promotion
Entrepreneurship & Small Business
Human Rights & Gender Reporting (J)
Filmmaking – The Art & Craft: Thesis II (6C)
Editing & Post Production III (6C)
Investigative Journalism: Thesis II (6C)
Elective I – Discovering Film (J)
Elective II – Introduction to Unreal
Engine (P)
Elective III

Note: (J) = Journalism; (P) = Production
6C = 6 Credit Hours

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