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Students selecting the domain-based specialization in Educational Management are expected to have completed the 30 credit hours of foundation stage of the MBA program. Specialization stage consists of 42 credit hours of course work covering strategic and operational areas. These include courses in the area of Marketing Strategy, Strategic Finance, Strategic Management, Leadership, Technology/ Operations, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Processes, Analytics of Decision Making, etc. During the specialization stage, students take 33 credit hours of strategy courses, 24 credit hours of operational level courses, and 9 credit hours of elective courses. The department of Education has developed the strategy, operational and elective courses to help students attain the knowledge and skills required in the leadership and management of educational institutions. In addition, students select two real life Capstone Projects (6 credit hours) in their area of specialization during their final year. MBA track for specialization in Educational Management as well as the foundation stage is only available during the weekends. Candidates must select the specialization at the time of filling the application. The required and elective courses for the entire track are given below.

Learning Outcomes:
  • To develop professional teachers and administrators
  • To nurture individuals with in-depth understanding of the psychological, philosophical, social and historical roots of education
  • To Foster constructive, creative and Critical thinking skills
  • To develop effective and interpersonal communication skills
  • To incorporate modern information technology for teaching and school administrative purposes
  • To develop and design innovative and diverse pedagogies
  • To plan, develop, implement and evaluate curriculum
  • To develop and design innovative and diverse assessment and evaluation techniques
Career Path:
  • School Administrators
  • Specialized Private and Public Sector School Teachers
  • School Psychologists
  • Curriculum Developers
  • Education Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs in Education
  • Administrators in Development Sector
  • Academic Coordinators

ACC419 Financial Accounting

ECO409 Business Economics

Educational Management
EDM602 Educational Policy and Economics
EDM518 Evaluation and Assessment in Education
EDM526 Curriculum Management and Planned Change*
EDM415 Educational Philosophy and Ethics
EDM689 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project I* (Research Methods)
EDM690 Thesis Writing-Capstone Project II*

FIN408 Theory and Practice of Financial Management

Human Resource Management
HRM410 Managing Human Capital
HRM 606 Leadership, Ethics and Change

LAW409 Corporate and Business Law

COM402 Business Communication

Maths & Stats
STA411 Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making

MAN418 Management and Organizational Dynamics
MAN612 Strategic Management*
MAN606 Business Analytics

MKT402 Marketing Management
MKT404 Methods in Business Research
MKT509 Consumer Behavior
MKT610 Marketing Strategies and Value Innovation*

Educational Management

EDM624 Innovations and Technology in Education
EDM621 Edupreneurship in the Changing World
EDM654 Lifelong Learning in Changing Contexts
EDM656 Teacher Education
EDM625 Distance Learning in the 21st Century
EDM606 Global Trends in Education

Foundation Level

Semester One

Consumer Behavior

Financial Accounting

Corporate and Business Law

Business Communication

Semester Two

Management and Organizational Dynamics

Marketing Management

Quantitative Analysis and Decision Making

Marketing Strategies and Value Innovations


Semester Three

Methods in Business Research

Business Economics

Theory and Practice of Financial Management

Business Analytics


MBA Stage

Semester Four

Educational Philosophy and Ethics

Leadership Ethics and Change

Evaluation and Assessment in Education

Educational Policy and Economics


Semester Five

Curriculum Management and Planned Change

Managing Human Capital

Thesis Writing – Capstone I (Research Methods)

Elective I

Semester Six

Strategic Management

Thesis Writing – Capstone II

Elective II

Elective III

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