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The program is intended for professionals looking for a better understanding of the organization they work for. It is concerned with the social and psychological processes operating in organizations, and how these processes relate to organizational systems and structures.

This two-year weekend program requires successful completion of 72 credit hours of coursework – 24 courses including a research practicum of 3 credit hours. Students are expected to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 and successfully complete research projects for conferment of the degree. This program combines study in psychology with courses in human resource management, workplace relations, leadership, team dynamics, and management strategy.

Students can take a minimum load of 9 credit hours (three courses) or maximum of 18 credit hours (six courses) in each of the semesters.


PSY400 Introduction to Organizational Psychology


MAN418 Management and Organizational Dynamics

Human Resource Management

HRM410 Managing Human Capital


STA410 Introduction to Behavioral Statistics

  Psychology           Human Resource Management

PSY402 Counseling Psychology

HRM617 HR Analytics

PSY405 Group Dynamics

HRM619 Talent Acquisition

PSY406 Research Methods in Organizational Psychology 

HRM408 Human Resource Issues in Pakistan

PSY407 Personnel Psychology

HRM409 Organizational Consulting Skills

PSY408 Consumer Psychology 

HRM530 Research Practicum in HRM

PSY430 Psychological Testing-I 

HRM620 Labor Studies and Employee Relations

PSY431 Psychological Testing-II

HRM622 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Skills

PSY433 Leadership and Strategic Change

HRM624 Talent Management and Performance Development


Human Resource Management 

PSY501 Work Motivation Attitude 

HRM612 Strategic Human Resource Management

PSY506 Quality of Work Life 

HRM618 Managing Diversity and Inclusion in Organization

PSY515 Projective Methods

HRM621 Learning and Organizational Development

PSY432 Behavior Modification in Industry 

HRM623 Managing Organizational Change

Semester One

Semester Two

Introduction to Organizational Psychology

Research Methods in Organizational Psychology

Management and Organizational Dynamics

Organizational Consulting Skills

Managing Human Capital

Psychological Testing-I

HR Analytics

Talent Acquisition

Introduction to Behavioral Statistics

Human Resource Issues in Pakistan

Group Dynamics

Counseling Psychology

Semester Three

Semester Four

Consumer Psychology

Talent Management and Performance Development

Leadership and Strategic Change

Research Practicum in HRM

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Skills

Elective I – HR

Labor Studies and Employee Relations

Elective II – HR

Personnel Psychology

Elective III – Psy

Psychological Testing-II

Elective IV – Psy

*Note: For the 4th Semester students are required to choose 2 Psychology electives and 2 HRM electives.

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