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The MS in Engineering Management degree bridges the gap between engineering potential and its gainful exploitation for business and economic advantage by focusing on efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

The need for engineering management is felt at all managerial levels, particularly in the professional management work environment. Also, management is applicable to every aspect of an organization’s functions and at all levels of top management, middle and lower management. Basic and specialized knowledge in the field of engineering management is a crucial need for every engineer and a profitable business.

Engineering management entails planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities that have a technological component. The course has been designed by engineers and business experts with experience at the International level, keeping in view the requirements of the country.

This is a weekend program with a minimum load of 6 credit hours (2 courses) and a maximum of 9 credit hours (3 courses) in each of the 3 sessions(Fall, Spring and Summer).

Course Contents
Duration: Minimum 1.5 – Maximum 04 years
Total credit hours: 30
– Teaching: 24
– Thesis/ Project: 6

A minimum of eight courses (500 Level) of 3 credit hours each with individual research project / thesis of 6 credit hours in a relevant area shall be required for the completion of the MS degree in the discipline of Engineering Management. A minimum of four courses from core subjects and four courses from optional subjects are selected.

  • Advanced knowledge of national and international engineering systems
  • Acquire skills in new technologies relevant to management of technological enterprises
  • Attitude for pursuing life-long learning in technical and management fields
  • Engage with technical and socio-economic issues
  1. Automation Engineer
  2. Construction Project Engineer
  3. Design Engineer
  4. Architectural and Engineering Managers
  5. Economics Consultant
  6. Firmware Engineer

MEM501 Project Management (3+0)
MEM502 Designs, Patents, Contract and Legal Engineering (3+0)
MEM503 Quality Processes for Design and Production (3+0)
MEM504 Research Methodology (3+0)

MS Projects (Compulsory)

MEM600 Thesis / Project (6+0)
MEM601 Thesis I / Project I (3+0)
MEM602 Thesis II / Project II (3+0)

MEM505 Applied Engineering Analysis (3+0)
MEM507 Operations Analysis & Resource Allocation(3+0)
MEM509 Simulation Modeling (3+0)
MEM511 Advanced Practices in Engineering Management (3+0)
MEM513 Industrial Costing Management (3+0)
MEM515 Lean Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing(3+0)
MEM517 Global Business Strategy (3+0)
MEM519 Financial Statement Analysis (3+0)
MEM521 Problem Solving & Decision Making (3+0)
MEM524 Management of Organizations (3+0)
MEM506 Production System Design and Analysis (3+0)
MEM508 Operation Management (3+0)
MEM510 Production Planning and Control (3+0)
MEM512 Environmental and Safety Management (3+0)
MEM514 Technology Management (3+0)
MEM516 Marketing Management (3+0)
MEM518 Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (3+0)
MEM520 Engineering Economics (3+0)
MEM523 Supply Chain Management (3+0)
MEM525 Advanced Topics in Project Management (3+0)

Project Management (3+0)
Quality Processes for Design & Production (3+0)
Research Methodology (3+0)
Design, Patents, Contract & Legal Engineering (3+0)
Elective I (3+0)
Elective II (3+0)
Elective III (3+0)
Elective IV (3+0)
Thesis-I / Project-I (2+0)
Thesis-II / Project-II (4+0)

Note: Student will be allowed to register in Thesis I only after successfully completing the course work of first two semesters. Attendance in three research seminars per semester is mandatory.

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