Business Psychology




Room # C-116, SSK building


Dr Sana Sadia is an acting Head of Department & Assistant professor at department of Business Psychology, IoBM. She is an applied behavioral analyst who earned her PhD in Psychology from Department of Psychology, University of Karachi. She earned a master in clinical psychology, followed by post graduate diplomas in Assessments, Counselling and Psychotherapy and Mind Sciences. She is also Member of Review Board of “Journal of Education and Educational Development” Department of Education, CESD, IoBM. Her interest peaked in child psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders, community and social psychology, positive psychology and her work with special needs and neurodiversity delivers it. Dr. Sana has 10 years of expertise in clinical therapy, has been associated with several national and international organization and clinics where she served as a clinical psychologist, behavioral and child therapy, research psychologist, family therapist and community councilor. She served as visiting faculty at department of Psychology, University of Karachi and associate professor, visiting faculty at Institute of Industrial and Electronic Engineering (PSCIR). She had also presented research papers at national and global conferences.