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The BS Joint (Hons) in Business & Psychology program is designed to provide strong foundation in business and to integrate core psychological principles throughout. The main goal of this program is to produce graduates who have the ability to apply science of human behavior to practical business problems. Students learn to apply theories in psychology to business challenges. They learn to analyze business problems through psychological approach, utilizing research skills and developing effective solutions.

The four-year program requires completion of 144 credit hours of coursework, and 02 credit hours compulsory internship. Students can take min. Load of 12 credit hours (4 courses per semester) or max load of 18 credit hours (6 courses per semester).

Entry Requirement: HSSC/F.Sc/FA/A’ level

Learning Outcomes
  1. Ability to apply science of human behavior to practical business problems

  2. Utilize research skills

  3. Develop managerial concepts, skills and disciplines

  • Counseling psychologist

  • Educational psychologist

  • Occupational psychologist

  • Management Consultants

  • Business Advisors

  • Financial Advisers

Area  Course Code/Title
Communication COM100 Foundation English**
COM107 Academic English (W, R)
COM202 Business & Professional Speech
COM205 Persuasive and Analytical Writing for Business Communication (E, W)** This non-credit course will be taken by those students who have not been able to reach the desired level of competence in the admission test
Language LAN 10* Foreign Language I
*1 = Introduction to Arabic
*2 = Introduction to French
*4 = Introduction to German
*6 = Introduction to Italian
*8 = Introduction to Chinese
LAN 20**Foreign Language II
**1 = Intermediate Arabic
**2 = Intermediate French
**4 = Intermediate German
**6 = Intermediate Italian
**8 = Intermediate Chinese
Political Sciences PSC301 Pakistan Studies
Religious Studies REL101 Islamic Studies
Social Sciences SSC104 Principles of Sociology
SSC301 History of Ideas
SSC401 Business Ethics
Statistics STA201 Quantitative Business Analysis
STA202 Quantitative Skills and Managerial Statistics
Area  Course Code/Title
Psychology Core Courses PSY300 Introduction to Psychology
PSY301 Research Methods in Organizational Psychology
PSY302 Writing Business Psychology Research
PSY303 Introduction to Psychological Testing
PSY304 Experimental Psychology
PSY305 Contemporary Social Psychology
PSY306 Understanding Individual: Personal Construct
PSY307 Psychology of Organizational Change
PSY308 Psychological Aspects of Advertising
PSY309 Developmental Psychology
PSY310 Positive Psychology
PSY311 Consumer Psychology
PSY312 Psychology Capstone Project
Psychology Elective Courses PSY501 Motivation and Attitude
PSY515 Projective Methods
PSY506 Quality of Work Life
PSY507 Cyber Psychology, Behavior and Social Networking
PSY508 Health Promotion in Corporate Setting
PSY509 Psychology of Judgment and Decision
Area  Course Code/Title
Business Core Courses Accounting
ACC101 Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC201 Intermediate Financial AccountingEconomics
ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO102 Principles of MacroeconomicsEntrepreneurship
ENT307 Entrepreneurial Leadership and Motivation
ENT308 Social Advocacy and Community ServiceFinance
FIN201 Introduction to Business Finance
FIN202 Financial ManagementManagement
MAN101 Principles of Management
MAN302 Organizational Behavior


MKT301 Principles of Marketing
MKT302 Marketing Management

LAW409 Corporate and Business Law

Business Elective Courses HRM505 Organizational Change & Development
MAN405 Strategic Management
MKT403 Sales Management
MKT511 Brand Management
FIN511 Analysis of Financial Statements
FIN602 Behavioral Finance
Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Foundation English
Academic English (W, R)
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Management
Introduction to Psychology
Principles of Sociology
Islamic Studies
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Marketing
Research Methods in Org. Psychology
Pakistan Studies
Entrepreneurial Leadership & Motivation
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Persuasive Analytical Writing for B.C (E,W)
Writing Business Psychological Research
Contemporary Social Psychology
History of Ideas
Social Advocacy And Community Service
Business and Professional Speech
Introduction to Business Finance
Introduction to Psychological Testing
Developmental Psychology
Business Ethics
Organizational Behavior
 Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
Language I
Psychological Aspects of Advertising
Experimental Psychology
Quantitative Business Analysis
Positive Psychology
Quantitative Skills & Managerial Statistics
Understanding Indiv.: Personal Construct
Language II
Psychology of Organizational Change
Consumer Psychology
Corporate & Business Law
Financial Management
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IIV
Elective V
Capstone (Psychology)
Elective VI
Elective VII
Elective VIII
Elective IX
Elective X
Internship (2 credit hours)

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