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BS (Joint) Honors in Economics and Finance is a joint program of CBM and CESD, prepares graduates for professional careers in economics and finance in the corporate sector, financial sector and public sector regulatory and planning organizations. It requires completion of 144 credit hours of course work and 2 credit hours of relevant internship of at least six weeks in an approved firm. The program offers 75 credit hours of business and social sciences courses with an intensive coverage of 69 credit hours of Economics and Finance related courses designed to develop well rounded professionals regarded as “go-getters” in industry. There are 25 business and social science courses with 9 Economics core courses and 6 Finance core courses. Students then select 4 economics electives and 4 Finance elective courses to complete degree requirements.

To promote lifelong learning at IoBM, the program emphasizes Experiential Learning (EL) and developing readers and writers. The college’s mission is reflected in courses designated with a suffix R, W or E in the program structure:


  • An experiential learning course (E) requires an intensive experiential learning project focusing on a real life problem in a real life setting
  • A writing-intensive course (W) has a substantial writing component and requires multiple writing assignments to be submitted at designated times during a semester
  • A reading-intensive course (R) has a substantial reading component and requires multiple reading assignments that are evaluated at designated times during a semester
  • Appraise compound qualitative and quantitative data to facilitate strategic and operational decisions.
  • Assess business processes relative to organizational goals.
  • Manage relationships between an organization and its stakeholders and their influence on corporate growth
  • Use best practices in risk management to protect organization’s financial position
  1. Commercial Banker
  2. Financial Advisor
  3. Investment Banker
  4. Auditor
  5. Economic Consultant
  6. Portfolio Manager

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