Continuing Professional Development seminar held at IoBM

The Department of Electrical Engineering at College of Engineering and Sciences-IoBM organized a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at the EMEC Conference Room. Mr. Asad Shahzad was invited as a Speaker to talk on the "Philosophy of Technology." The program was attended by the Engineering Department Faculty, Engineers and students of Electrical Engineering and CS department. Dr. Seema Ansari, Associate Dean College of Engineering and Sciences (CES) / Program Coordinator/ PEB/PEC/CPD along with Dr. Imran Majid, HoD Electrical Engineering Department attended the Seminar. The master of ceremony was Ms. Fatima Maqbool.   

During her speech, Dr. Seema Ansari, Associate Dean College of Engineering and Sciences (CES), IoBM thanked Mr. Asad Shahzad for accepting the invitation. She welcomed all participants and gave an introduction of the CPD programs, their importance and a mandatory requirement of PEC. She added that rapid changes in the environment, different ways of working, technological advancement, social and economic developments, directly affect the environment we live in and work. She added that CPD supports professionals to enhance their professional competence and maximize their potential. CDP program ensures people remain competent in their profession. PEC under its Act has a mandate for introducing and ensuring continued professional development activities amongst its growing community of engineers and has devised a comprehensive framework titled, “Professional Development of Engineers” approved by the Government of Pakistan.  She further added that all registered and professional engineers participants will get CPD points with their names shared with the PEC.

During his talk, Mr. Asad Shahzad focused on the term, “Philosophy of Technology.” He concentrated his speech on three points. First, is technology value-neutral or value-free? Second, what is the uniqueness of technology rationality? Third, what are the essence, core aspects of technology, and its defining features? He said that these questions need to be contextualized in the framework of our system. Context is the world we live in, where we think and act. He mentioned the capitalist system that is a socio-politico-pshyco-ethico-economic code. Technology is a part of this social order. He added that technology is contained within the basic structure that determines the forces of production. While the superstructure ensures the implementation of laws, politics, philosophy, media, arts, literature, etc. He also talked about the dual roles of technology in a capitalist order: ensuring the accumulation of capitalism and making it possible for the powerful to exercise control over society.  Mr. Shahzad further presented insightful details of how technology affects society by citing various scholars. The event provided useful insights and concepts to the students. Such events will continue to be held by the EE Department of IoBM under the banner of CPD. CPD Certificates were distributed to the attendees. The event ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Imran Majid.