Faculty Orientation for Fall 2023 Semester

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) hosted an insightful Orientation Program to warmly welcome its new faculty members. It was held on September 6 - 7, 2023. During this event, distinguished leaders and educators shared their profound perspectives on the Institute's core values and the pressing challenges confronting the education sector.
During his Welcome Address, President IoBM, Mr. Talib Karim offered guidance on the Institution's values and norms. This inspirational commencement instilled a sense of purpose and enthusiasm among our new staff as they embarked on their IoBM journey. Rector IoBM, Dr. Tariq Soomro, along with the Deans of IoBM: Dr. Shujaat Mubarik (CBM), Brig. Dr. Muhammad Abbas (CCSIS), and Dr. Shahida Wizarat (CESD), delivered invaluable insights. They shed light on the ethos of the Institute and the prevailing educational landscape. Ms. Kiran Zubair, Assistant Manager HR, provided the faculty members with a comprehensive orientation regarding IoBM's human resource practices.
The Orientation Program incorporated a rigorous training component about the 'Science and Art of Learning and Teaching', comprising three essential workshops conducted by our accomplished faculty members. Mr. Javaid Ahmed led a session on 'Science and Art of Learning and Teaching: The Fundamentals'; Dr. Afaq Ahmed Kazi conducted a workshop focused on 'Backward Course and Assignment Design'; and Dr. Muhammad Arif delivered training on 'Assessment and Feedback.' These workshops proved immensely valuable to participants, offering an outstanding learning experience.