Innovative ideas presented at Eureka Fair

The Management & HRM Department of the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) organized the Eureka Fair – Spring 2024, on Saturday, May 4, 2024. MBA students from the course MAN608- Technology, Operations, & Innovation applied their learning to develop tangible innovations. A total of 25 projects, managed by nearly 100 students, made the Eureka Fair a memorable event. The Eureka Fair showcased a dynamic range of projects, spanning from mobile applications addressing pressing social issues to sophisticated embedded systems tailored for various domestic and commercial needs. These projects illustrated the diverse interests and innovative acumen of participating students. By providing this platform, the Eureka Fair empowered students to not only bolster their confidence in their innovative abilities but also inspire their peers to embark on similar journeys of creativity.

Dr. Junaid Ansari, from the Management & HRM Department, warmly welcomed guests from academia and industry. Guest adjudicators offered constructive feedback, challenging the students' ideas and guiding them in considering new possibilities in their innovations. By the end of the event, the hall bore witness to the vibrancy of innovation. This event wasn't just about showcasing the students’ projects; it was about igniting possibilities, forging connections, and laying the foundation for a future driven by their creativity and dedication. Furthermore, the event served as a channel for invaluable industry insights, fostering stronger academia-industry connections. Esteemed representatives from the technological and corporate sectors were invited to assess these projects, further enhancing the bridge between academic ingenuity and real-world application.

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