IoBM and Viper Technology explore the digital future of Pakistan at ITCN Asia 2023

IoBM in collaboration with Viper Technology hosted an insightful session to discuss the national digital strategy framework on day 2 of ITCN Asia 2023.  on Friday, September 1, 2023. The title of the event was “Digital Domination: Opportunities and Challenges.” IoBM was also the Academic Partner of the 23rd ITCN Asia 2023. President IoBM, Mr. Talib Karim was the Chief Guest. The Keynote Speakers were Dr. Imran Batada, CTO and Director CIT, IoBM, and Mr. Faisal Sheikh, Co-founder, Viper Technology and CEO VIION Technology.

Among the panelists were Mr. Sohaib Hassan, Award-winning Marketer, Media and Strategy Faculty; Mr. Khushnood Aftab, CEO, Viper Technology; Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Global Chief Information Officer, AKUH and Mr. Abrar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Beaconhouse Group. Mr. Baber Majid Bhatti, CEO, National Information Technology Board also spoke on the occasion. Dr. Iman Batada expertly moderated the session.

Dr. Batada said that digital media and ICTs are creating a different future for higher education. The students are also well aware of their career options as they are developing an entrepreneurial vision. The academia must play a role in this regard. Mr. Faisal Sheikh shared that acceptability to new technologies is a challenge faced by Pakistan. During the panel discussion, Mr. Sohaib Hassan emphasized that AI will not consume our job but someone using AI effectively will take our job. Mr. Khushnood Aftab, called for organizations to focus on developing their brand and its image that can fortify Pakistan’s financial stature in the region and across the world. He urged young tech entrepreneurs to seek investment from local companies for a win-win scenario and growth of the national product.  

Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan viewed this session on digital technology as a foundation for future collaborations. He said that we need to accept that digitation is the future for all industries. Mr. Abrar Ahmed Khan explored the education of Pakistan and how digital media is developing this sector. He highlighted the importance of digital media in enriching the experience and in the dissemination of information among stakeholders of the education sector including management, faculty, parents, and students. He called for the development of an education ecosystem in Pakistan with a focus on capacity-building. 

While addressing the audience, Mr. Baber Majid Bhatti, CEO, National Information Technology Board (NITB), explored the current landscape and future prospects of the IT sector in Pakistan. His expertise and vision shed light on the pivotal role that technology plays in shaping the nation's digital future and the necessary policies and procedures that IT stakeholders in Pakistan need to develop.

It is interesting to note that among the exhibitors at the ITCN Asia 2023 were five startups incubated at IoBM's SSKIC. They were Hacktastic Solutions, Creative 3D, Elecnovate, Sehatlings, and Sustainable Builders. IoBM's College of Engineering Sciences also showcased Farm Automation, a cost-effective solution to increase agricultural productivity through IoT Technology.