IoBM appointed as National Chapter of UNESCO EE-Net

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) has been appointed as the National Chapter of the UNESCO Entrepreneurship Education Network (EE-Net) in Pakistan. In its role as a National Chapter, IoBM's Shahjehan Syed Karim Incubation Center (SSKIC) will spearhead efforts to advance entrepreneurship education across the country. This will involve organizing workshops, seminars, and other relevant activities aimed at raising awareness and nurturing entrepreneurial skills. By aligning with UNESCO's EE-Net objectives, IoBM seeks to cultivate a generation of innovative entrepreneurs who will contribute to sustainable economic and social progress, thereby supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of UNESCO EE-Net is to foster a vibrant and dynamic community of entrepreneurs and educators passionate about promoting entrepreneurship education in the Asia-Pacific region, to collect valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs to develop and update entrepreneurship education courses and materials, and to prepare a comprehensive seven-year plan for the EE-Net from 2024 to 2030. The Chapter will focus on tech start-ups with verticals including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Agri-Tech, Health Tech, Ed-tech, Blockchain, and Metaverse.