IoBM celebrates World Press Freedom Day

IoBM's Media Department celebrated World Press Freedom Day by organizing a panel discussion, which illuminated the significant role of journalism in nurturing freedom of the press. The event served as a platform for insightful discourse, underscoring the imperative need to safeguard the principles of free speech and independent journalism.

Esteemed guests, Mr. Faizullah Khan, Reporter at ARY, and Ms. Shazia Hasan, Senior Staff Reporter at Dawn and Visiting Faculty at the Media Studies Department, IoBM, graced the occasion with their presence, offering their experience and wisdom to the students. Mr. Faizullah and Ms. Shazia explored the challenges faced by journalists and emphasized the necessity for resilience in upholding integrity in the field. From uncovering stories of social injustice to exploring the complexities of reporting on various issues affecting society, the speakers provided invaluable insights into the multifaceted nature of modern-day journalism.

By bringing together thought leaders and practitioners, IoBM's Media Department reaffirmed its commitment to producing the next generation of journalists and empowering them to drive positive change. The vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Ejaz Wasay, Head of Media Studies, IoBM, who also presented mementos to the speakers.