IoBM Organized World Engineering Day 2023

Keynotes and panel discussion 
World Engineering Day 2023 

World Engineering Day was celebrated by Electrical Engineering Department on 04th March 2023 in Daffodil Training Room, SSK Building. This year’s theme was ‘Engineering innovation for a more resilient world’. This is the second year that this event was celebrated. World Engineering Day celebrated on 4th March every year is an official International day proclaimed in 2019 by the United Nationals Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, followed by the playing of the National Anthem. In the inaugural Dr. Muhammad Imran Majid discussed research output from CES where UN SDG compliance with 7 goals directly mapped with various departmental activities. 

An interactive awareness session consisted of speech notes followed by discussion:

  1. Engr. Haris Zikr Ur Rahman, AP DHA Suffa University talked about Promoting resilience using Project Management principles. He discussed how Project Management principles provide a structured approach to managing tasks. He talked about the principles for resilience and also discussed how these principles can be implemented in every field of life to overcome challenges.
  2. Brig (R) Dr. Muhammad Abbas, T.I. P.E., Associate Dean CCSIS himself an Electrical Engineer, explained the importance of Renewable Energy Sources. He discussed the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy sources in Pakistan. Associate Dean engaged with the students on solar system power and installation and impact on profession and nation.
  3. Mr. Irfan Ahmad, an Energy Consultant, briefed on the topic of Engineering Innovation for a More Sustainable World and Skills for Engineering Excellence in his discussion. He talked about how the impact of Climate Change affects Pakistan and the implications on renewable power sources. Moreover, he explained soft skills using the sports analogy, especially the “game without the ball” as the in case of football, where a player is without the ball for about 86 minutes on average in a 90 minutes game (in reference to preparing oneself for the upcoming jobs when being relatively free).
  4. Mr. Asif Siddiqui, CEO, of Sigma Ventures, spoke on the topic of Innovation and Engineering Professionals. He shared his professional journey and his start-up. He also encouraged the young students to go for their own start-ups.
  5. Mr. Hamza Abrar, Senior Design Engineer-NESPAK discussed the roles of communication systems and the aviation industry focusing on career prospects in the Aviation sector. 
  6. Mr. Danyal Sabzwari, Assistant Manager - Senior Telecom Engineer, ibex who is an IoBM Alumnus talked about IoT & Commercialization and transferrable skills on commercialization. He advised students on the trends within the job market. Also, he advised the students to work on their skills that can help them to grow in their career path and how to promote smoother transitions in student life.

The event concluded with the distribution of shields to all the guests. 

Dr. Imran Majid wraps up the event by summarizing the importance of improvising, and the need to seek challenges to real-life problems culminating with a  motivational video on the role of engineers in the betterment of today’s world.

This is the second such event held at IoBM. The first event recording is available