IoBM- SSKIC Start-ups Engage at ITCN Asia 2023

Five commercially viable start-ups from IoBM’s SSKIC (Shahjehan Syed Karim Incubation Centre) exhibited their products during the recently held ITCN Asia 2023. The event provided an opportunity for the entire tech ecosystem of Pakistan along with the leaders from the public and private sectors to converge to discuss ideas and forge relationships. SSKIC’s incubated start-ups also engaged with the guests and participants to discuss a way forward at the operational and strategic levels. 

The three-day event (August 31- September 2, 2023) provided a comprehensive platform to showcase solutions for all important verticals of the economy but not limited to Government, Cloud, Data Centers, Cybersecurity, ERP, Education, Banking and finance, Health & Pharma, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics with a focus on networking, knowledge sharing & lead generation and a series of conferences shall create a learning environment for the like-minded people to share knowledge & experiences.
SSKIC’s start-ups that exhibited their products/services at the ITCN Asia 2023 are as follows:

Sustainable Builders: Focus on eliminating plastic waste by recycling and converting it into construction materials such as bricks and tiles.
Elecnovate: A smart safety helmet that contacts family members in case the user of the helmet faces an accident. This project was funded by Unilever and PEC.
Hacktastic Solutions: It provides cutting-edge IT solutions to businesses and empowers them to expand digitally in the era of tough competition. It brings out-of-the-box solutions when it comes to IT infrastructure culture and marketing.
Sehatlings: It is creating a culture of bringing diagnostic labs under one platform which includes the engagement of health-oriented stakeholders. It works on three main components: 

  • Education focusing on doctor leadership course development 
  • A product focused on the delivery of convenient & effective lab solutions 
  • Biomedical supplier linkages with the health sector.

Creative 3D Private Limited: It is creating awareness of 3D printing and its benefits for industries. It envisions creating 3D-printed housing societies, which will be prepared at low cost and reduce the time of construction hence giving shelter at affordable rates. 
Farm Automation: To develop an IoT-based agricultural automation system that will take care of farm irrigation system, crop monitoring through a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), and other smart devices to simplify routine operations in farming.
 Reflections from SSKIC Start-up Founders on ITCN Asia Exposure:

  • A great opportunity to exhibit at ITCN Asia we learned a lot. We interacted with experienced people. We are highly thankful to IoBM & SSKIC who invited us to exhibit our business idea’ - Atif Baig- Founder Creative 3D Printer 
  • ‘An exceptional experience with a lot of learnings for us! It was great to meet and network with people who are working for the same cause and get leads for potentially working together. We are highly honored to have been a part of ITCN Asia 2023. Zain- Founder-Sustainable Builders
  • ‘It was a great opportunity to meet and network with experienced people from the same industry. We were able to generate high-quality leads and make an impact on everyone who visited us. We are obliged to have been invited to ITCN Asia 2023’. Hamza-Founder Hacktastic Solutions
  • ‘Alhamdulilah, it was indeed a great experience that our start-up Electnovate really values. Appreciation by many investors and President IoBM himself indeed boosted our morale. Hats off to the organizing team, SSKIC- Mohsin Founder- Electnovate
  • 'It was a great experience to interact with multi-key stakeholders of the IT industry and see start-ups engage with seasoned industry professionals for ongoing industry mentoring. Academic institutions and start-ups must engage with the industry regularly to amplify their business impact.'  Raza Abbas- Head of Business Incubation Centre- SSKIC - IoBM