Guest speaker session by Jibran Jamshed, Country Education Lead, Microsoft Pakistan

Jibran Jamshed, Country Education Lead at Microsoft Pakistan, delivered a talk on 21st Century Skills at IoBM. It was organized by IoBM's College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS) in collaboration with IEEE, Karachi Chapter. It was held at the CBM Auditorium on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. This talk was attended by students and the faculty of CCSIS. 

Jibran Jamshed is an IoBM alumni. He completed his Bachelors in Computer Science in 2003 followed by MBA in 2005. Jibran Jamshad has been associated with Microsoft since 2007 and currently he is serving as the Regional Education Lead and is also the Principal Officer for Microsoft Pakistan. Jibran has done his Masters in Software Systems Engineering from the University of Melbourne. Besides many industry certifications and awards, Jibran has been the recipient of the prestigious World Wide Circle of Excellence Award at Microsoft. He is very passionate about Digital Literacy and Skilling and is working on the same mission to empower students across the country!

During his talk, Jibran shared insights on the development and evolution of smartphone applications and their impact on individuals and businesses. He emphasized how such applications have changed the transportation, banking, and entertainment sectors. During his presentation, Jibran said that technical skills for the digital economy are in high demand. “Over 149 million tech jobs are expected to emerge by 2025 in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning,” he shared. “Learning a tech-based computer skill is a universal skill. You need to learn the basics and you can evolve on them with learning and experience,” he said. He mentioned that start-ups do not build on brick-and-mortar concepts anymore. “All you need is a business plan and a computer,” he added. 

Jibran said that artificial intelligence has become a commercial technology that will have an impact on our lives. “However, operational jobs like writing a sales proposal, handling tickets, writing content and data entry, etc. will be depleted by AI,” he cautioned. He also emphasized the difference between consumptive digital capabilities and productive digital capabilities which are the main categories of how digital technologies and products impact society. Brig. Dr. Muhammad Abbas, Associate Dean, CCSIS presented the vote of thanks. He ensured that such guest speaker sessions with industry experts will continue that will provide students with insights and knowledge of industry trends.