Poster Presentation - Capstone Project of MBA IM & EEM

The Department of Industrial Management and Environment & Energy Management hosted an event to showcase the Capstone Projects for Spring 2024- MBA program on Saturday, 25th May 2024. The students presented their projects addressing contemporary challenges and paving the way for a greener, more efficient future. Highlights included energy recovery systems, eco-friendly practices in various industries, advancements in food safety, and vendor management systems. The next generation demonstrated how they are turning waste into wealth and enhancing performance through smart, sustainable solutions.

The participation and valuable suggestions of the esteemed IoBM faculty, along with the meticulous evaluation by our honored external examiner, Sayed Irfan, who has a diverse and enriching professional background that carries high value for creating organizational synergy. He specialties in Operations & Supply Chain Management and Decision Modelling, Energy Conservation & Management. The feedback greatly contributed to the success of the event, inspiring our students to continue their innovative work towards a sustainable future.