President’s Merit Scholarship Ceremony 2022-23

Institute of Business Management (IoBM) organized the President's Merit Scholarship Ceremony 2022-23 on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. Nineteen meritorious students were presented with the certificates in a ceremony attended by the proud parents of these students. Present on this occasion were IoBM’s Mr. Bashir Janmohammad, Chancellor; Mr. Talib S. Karim, President; Ms. Sabina Mohsin, VP, FHE and Chief Advisor, IoBM; Dr. Muhammad Kashif, Dean CBM; Brig. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbas, Dean CCSIS; Dr. Nadia Ayub, Dean CESD; HoDs, management, and faculty.

The President's Merit Scholarship Ceremony 2022-23 was planned and organized under the leadership of Ms. Sabina Mohsin, Vice President, Foundation for Higher Education and Chief Advisor, IoBM. She received complete facilitation from the Admissions Department and the Financial Assistance & Scholarship Department ensuring the success of the event. 

While speaking on the occasion, Mr. Talib Karim expressed his delight in hosting this annual event that recognizes high-achieving students. He added that a significant number of the accomplished students present are girls. He underscored the importance of cultivating a culture of learning and encouraged students to present themselves as future managers with confidence and professionalism. Mr. Bashir Janmohammad acknowledged the hard work of the parents of the meritorious students and encouraged students to aspire to be job creators. He urged them to dream big in their chosen fields and emphasized the values of punctuality, honesty, and adherence to rules.

The MC of the event was Dr. Shagufta Ghauri. Associate Professor & HoD, Management and HRM. Parveen Shah, a student of BBA (Honors) and a recipient of the scholarship recited the verses from the Holy Quran. Parveen Shah received the scholarship for the fourth time, Madiha Zehra received it for the third time, and Muneeba Asif, Murtaza Hatim Bohra, Aiyaza Ahmed, Karim Amin and Armeen Arif received it for the second time. The event concluded with the revealing of the plaque with the names of the meritorious students. 

List of Meritorious Students receiving the President's Merit Scholarship 2022-23

  • Fatima Sarwar - BBA (Honors)
  • Mahnoor Asif - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance
  • Ammar Shahkar Sayied - BBA (Honors) - Awarded 2nd time
  • Nawal d/o Syed Naster Junaid - BBA (Honors)
  • Joshua David - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance
  • Muneeba Ashraf - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance - Awarded 2nd time
  • Saima Shiraz - BS (Entrepreneurship)
  • Huda Shariq - BS (Honors) Accountancy, Mgmt. & Law
  • Armeen Arif - BS (Actuarial Science & Risk Mgmt.)
  • Ayiza Salman - BS (Economics, Media & IR) - Awarded 2nd time
  • Murtaza s/o Hatim Bohra - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance - Awarded 2nd time
  • Zoha d/o Syed Furqan Hussain - MBA
  • Perveen Shah - BBA (Honors) - Awarded 4th time
  • Aiyza Ahmed - BS Mathematics and Economics - Awarded 2nd time
  • Karim Amin - BS (Social Entrp. & Social Leadership)- Awarded 2nd time
  • Kinza Batool - MBA
  • Muhammad Mohib Zafar - BBA (Honors) - Awarded 3rd time
  • Illiyaan s/o Murad - BBA (Honors)
  • Zainab Imran - BS (Mathematics and Economics)
  • Laiba Gul Durrani - BBA (Honors) - Awarded 3rd time
  • Rimsha Kawaguchi - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance
  • Madiha Zehra - BS (Data Science) - Awarded 3rd time
  • Amaan Ali - BS (Entrepreneurship)
  • Muhammad Waseem Siddiqui - MBA
  • Yameena Nasir - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance - Awarded 3rd time
  • Reheela Qadri - MBA
  • Alvina Aamir - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance - Awarded 2nd time
  • Mehreen Hasan - BS (Psychology)
  • Easha Kashif - BS Joint (Honors) Accounting & Finance - Awarded 2nd time
  • Ayesha Ahmed - BBA (Honors)