The Challenge of Change

IoBM’s Business School, the College of Business Management CBM, held a ‘Strategy retreat’ on January 4, 2023. CBM has achieved the highest W category accreditation in Pakistan, placing it among the top 10 business schools nationally (out of over 100). Synonymous with IoBM's vision of being a top international Institution, this strategy retreat initiated a new challenging journey of change and enhancement of the capabilities of its human capital. The retreat was moderated by Dr. Shujaat Dean CBM, and addressed by the president Mr. Talib Karim. Dr. Tariq Soomro presented a comprehensive new policy manual for Human Resource Management. Dr. Shujaat Mubarik introduced the three strategic thrusts and the three operational initiatives for immediate implementation. Mr. Javaid Ahmed, head of the newly created Office of Strategy, explained the trajectory to achieve the vision of IoBM. Dr. Afaq Kazi presented the case for change most grandiloquently.